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Thu 3 Jun 2021
at 16:05
Seeking a GM to run me in a SOLO Spy / Espionage Game
Hi Fellow Rpolers,

1. Can you post once every 1 or 2 days consistently?

2. Are you a "good" to "great" writer and not someone who would take offense if I asked to read through some of your other game posts to see if your style, etc., is compatible with my interests?

3. Do you enjoy running players through a Solo adventure?

4. Can you GM an Espionage/Themed game set in the modern times? Think The Bourne Supremacy ; James Bond; John LeCarre novels, etc...

5. Do you prefer running/writing 'realistic' gritty adventures?

6. Do you prefer running your games in Mature or Adult level (not for 'sexual' stuff, but for realistic dialogue and graphic violence, etc.?)

7. Are you reasonably proficient in the GURPS system?

8. Can you commit to sticking it out and running a Solo game through at least a one-shot adventure without bailing midway?

9. Is your RL stable enough to feel reasonably sure there won't be frequent, extended absences?

10. If I checked out your profile, would I not see many, many past/deleted games with very few posts in them?

If you can answer Yes, to all of the above, I would very much like to discuss a game with you as I am looking for a good GM to run with.

Last year I played a Computer Analyst in a quasi-CIA game that was pretty cool. The adventure finished, and the heroine, Alice Kelley, was transferred to the CIA as a field operative.  I am interested in continuing her adventures as a more seasoned agent.

I am currently running a couple games and playing in one but all my games have slowed down so I'm looking for more stimulation.

If interested, please email me!

Thanks for reading!


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Fri 4 Jun 2021
at 12:23
Seeking a GM to run me in a SOLO Spy / Espionage Game
I can reply positively to all but the GURPS bit. I've played it a couple of times (actually started out playing Steve Jackson's Fantasy Trip -- a precursor to the system) but went down the d100 and D20 routes in the end.

Having admitted that, I do find that role-playing here, especially solos, is less rules specific than narrative-driven. So, that would be your call. I can certainly read a GURPS sheet and understand what she's good at, bad at, etc.

As to my qualifications as a GM, please have a rummage through my history. Here's a sample post {Censored because of the non-adult nature of this forum].

2:45 PM July 12, 1999 – New York City

Sweltering summer. It says 96 degrees on the bank sign thermometers and the humidity is well over 90 percent. Reporters for the twenty-four-hour news shows are frying eggs on patches of blacktop. The wall-mounted air conditioning units in the FBI field office are howling but it has to be over 8o degrees in the cubicle farm that has taken over the 23rd floor at the Federal Building in downtown New York. Tempers are short.  Clothes are sticky. Special Agent Miranda Rees is pretty certain that several of the men are looking at her as if she has a piece of toilet paper stuck to her backside. She’s checked herself a couple of times in reflective surfaces, but as far as she can tell her wardrobe is unsullied. Then one of the executive assistants for the guys with corner offices clues her in.

"They’re taking bets that if it gets any hotter in here, they’ll be able to see your chest through your blouse," Gladys in Accounting whispers at the copier.

Fun aside, it’s a busy day in the city. Rumors of terrorist plots swirl in chat groups on the Internet. Organized crime low-lives are selling their souls for a chance at redemption in the interrogation rooms in the basement, and there are rumors that the NYPD has a serial killer on their hands. There’s a healthy rivalry between the two police forces in the city and until they ask for help or the crimes cross state lines, the FBI has no jurisdiction over what happens on Manhattan Island. The rumors are unconfirmed.

"Harper! Get yer tight butt in here!"

Deputy Assistant Director Peter Dawes is middle-aged, overweight, and has been passed by on the promotion ladder so many times he knows he is not going any higher. It’s made him angry and petulant. He was always a sexist a-hole even before his career collapsed. But he’s one of her bosses, and the effort of reporting him for harassment would ruin her own career as well.

At least his office is a good ten degrees cooler than the bullpen. So much for the chance of sweating through her clothing. She can almost hear the groans of disappointment behind her as she closes the door.

Dawes has been shunted aside to be a liaison with the NYPD. He’s not in charge of any of the inter-agency task forces that have been so successful in recent years, but he is the person the police contact when they have to involve the FBI in a local crime – usually because some aspect of the crime has crossed a state line and they need federal authority to access another police department’s records.

She’s a bit surprised he’s picked her to be his gopher. Her skills are more specialized than most and usually, it would be one of the newly minted agents that would be dispatched to hold hands. Nevertheless, the relief from the drop in temperature is enough to make her receptive to what he has to say.

"Need a medico in the Holland Tunnel," he grunts, tossing a printout on the desk in front of her. "Several bodies. Nasty. Some in New York, some in New Jersey. Active scene. What the frick are you still doing in my office?"

The printout is a single sheet:

Detective Jake Morris, Canal Street Station, Broadway and Harris 3:30 PM (212) 678-3322
Girl Interrupted
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Fri 4 Jun 2021
at 16:55
Seeking a GM to run me in a SOLO Spy / Espionage Game
I love your writing, but alas, I have recruited my GM.  Thank you so much for offering, though.

Moderators may close this down if they so desire.
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Wed 28 Jul 2021
at 19:21
Seeking a GM to run me in a SOLO Spy / Espionage Game
Alas, the GM who started to run me through an Espionage Game did an absolutely amazing job setting up the game and launching the initial post, but then as so often happens here at RPOL, he disappeared into the Four Winds...

My secret agent is still looking for a home and a mission...

Gurps system preferred, modern realistic, gritty theme preferred, Adult for violence and realistic language and themes, but none of the dirty kinky stuff.
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Thu 26 Aug 2021
at 15:07
Seeking a GM to run me in a SOLO Spy / Espionage Game
Hello, with school fast returning, I have completed most of my GM duties, so find myself with a little more free time to play.

I am giving another whirl at finding a talented writer and consistent poster to run my character Alice Kelley, a CIA agent, in a gritty, modern day Gurps espionage adventure.

The previous GM who took me on came up with a breathtakingly awesome intro and game set up, and then: POOF! He disappeared to the four winds.

If anyone has the skill, talent and gumption to run my agent in a gripping, high action, gritty, realistic adventure, I'd love to commiserate with you! I'm fine if you want to use a pre-made module or whatever? (ie, Top Secret, James Bond Role Playing Games, etc.) provided the system is Gurps and can handle a solo character.

Love to hear from you!  RMailing me would work best! :)

Thanks for reading.


I just signed on with a new GM. Thanks everybody!

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Thu 26 Aug 2021
at 15:41
Seeking a GM to run me in a SOLO Spy / Espionage Game
Sara's a great writer folks!
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Thu 26 Aug 2021
at 17:58
Re: Seeking a GM to run me in a SOLO Spy / Espionage Game
Sara's a great writer folks!

Thanks for saying so!  :)