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Sat 5 Jun 2021
at 17:12
WANTED:  CoGM for Dragonrider game {ADULT}
Hello all

Due to real life and a young growing family, an old friend left gaming.

I am looking for a player/CoGM to fill the long-standing role of Main Arch Villain (Bastion Bludd).

The game is inspired by many things, but his character is that of Darken Rahl of Legend of the Seeker ilk.

Royal Black Dragon guard v The Dark Regime {ADULT}

It is a dragon rider world of our own making and is slow to moderate paced.

The game description can be found here

I am looking for someone that will be a long term dedicated player.  The CoGMs help me with plots and arcs, answering Players questions and new RTJs if I am not around.  It is a great game with no external fights in OOC we all get along like a family!  Loads of fun!

LS (Araya)

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