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Fri 11 Jun 2021
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Nobilis 3rd Edition
I am looking for a GM who would want to run a Nobilis 3rd Edition game.

Very early last year, I was in a game that was just booting up but unfortunately the GM at the time basically ghosted and disappeared with no word or reason why just as we were finishing fleshing out the chancel and character concepts, but before the game launched its first in-character scenes. This was very sad, as the system is intriguing and the players I was with were excited for the game to begin.

I want to try and give this another shot! And I also one of the other players from the last game we tried who wants to play too so that's two players up front who want to do this.

My character concept is a power that is the lovechild of his imperator mother and an excrucian she was having a sordid affair with. As a result, he has two estates instead of one: his imperial estate is Deviance, and his Excursion Estate is "The Curiosity of Himself." The whimsical young man with the personality of a Tomcat given the power and body of a godling, who is only "merely" 70 or 80 or so years old (although looks 20), is an impossible hybrid that shouldn't have been possible but when you combine the impossibility of deviance with the drive of excrucian divine curiosity...well, his existence somehow was made possible despite everything.

The other player who is interested in playing Nobilis 3e has a character concept of a woman who was, prior to her ennoblement, turned into a vampire but then after catching the eye of our whimsical imperator and being made Noble, ascended and not only broke free from the thrall of her elder vampire sire but essentially became an ascended Vampire demigoddess that is rejecting the hunger and aggression of vampires to try and find a better path Both for herself and for the various vampire factions that have since congregated around her - for some, willingly as cultists she never asked for and for others, by force as she tries to rehabilitate "overly evil" vamps she didn't just choose to kill off. And then there are vampiric factions in between these extremes that more or less resemble "camarilla" style vampires. Her estate is The Night.

As for the Chancel and Imperator? She is Evanessa, a Magistrix of the Dark and quite the Divine Fem Fatal. And the Chancel is a dark yet modern neo-noir place (with a hint of an almost fae-like or ethereal quality on the side) filled with its own type of wonder and secrets. Except the parts that have bright sunlight in them that deviate from the main themes. Because Deviance and all.


Now most of the things about the chancel and such can be changed and improved and so on, as the players come together and collaborate in character and chancel creation. Buuuuuuut these were some of our initial; ideas I wanted to share in hopes of enticing a GM that may find such things to be intriguing and interesting. :)

Please let me know, fair reader, if you are interested in making this thing happen! Thank you for reading!