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Fri 11 Jun 2021
at 12:14
Looking for solo game, system flexible
I have a character from a one-shot that I played awhile back that I would like to continue. Because, honestly, the one-shot wound up feeling like her origin story.

TLDR version of the story:
My character was a healer working in the slums of a large city. She was known for being kind, if a bit rough around the edges. She accepted just about anything as payment for services and often tended for free. Someone decided to take advantage of that and slipped her payment using an item that allowed them to control her when she was asleep. While asleep, they used her to assassinate a noble. She never managed to figure out who did it, but was able to escape the city with a giant bounty on her head.

And, that's where the game ended. She fled into the night and... well. That's kind of an unsatisfying end, now isn't it?

I'm flexible as far as system. I'm sure I can tweak her to fit into whatever system/setting that you feel comfortable with. Or, we can do freeform! I am perfectly happy to just tell a story without worrying about crunch. Mostly, I just want to explore her tale more.

Just a heads up that I am traveling, starting this afternoon. So, if you rmail me about this today, there's a good chance that I won't see it until I get back on Sunday.