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Wed 16 Jun 2021
at 07:27
Sandbox Pathfinder
I'm looking for a sandbox pathfinder or dnd 3.5 game, not milestone leveling.

An easy story could be there is an undead army that just took over a continent, the starting party is low level so maybe they can fight a few undead but the best option is to get out and then slowly grow. then either take on the undead army and then eventually whatever rules said undead army. or they can just build up somewhere

or, hell, maybe they decide they want to go full guerilla forces and try their luck evading the undead, picking off a few here and there, slowly gaining levels in hostile territory.

I just am so over even soft railroading, GM's have a general story expectation and even trying to plot pitfall players into the direction the gm wants things to go. it's annoying, borderline rude, and just over rated.

I want a casual, loose, game where I can think like the soldier I am (10 years of service) and not get punished because the gm doesnt know how to handle it. Or whatever.
Doom Shoom
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Thu 24 Jun 2021
at 10:19
Sandbox Pathfinder
In reply to Shinoskay (msg # 1):

Not sure if this would interest you, as it does not have undead (yet)

link to a message in another game
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Thu 24 Jun 2021
at 22:23
Sandbox Pathfinder
I dunno about Shinoskay, but I'll be stopping by after I get out of work tonight.
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Wed 14 Jul 2021
at 19:18
Sandbox Pathfinder
I did check it out, pretty much everything about it is amazing except it has milestone leveling. Nothing against doom, I just cant stand that.

Thank you doom, hope your game goes well.