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Sun 20 Jun 2021
at 04:06
I need a game to keep me engaged (DnD, PF, any fantasy)
Hi, I'm back from an extended break, and right now I need to find a game where I can get steady interaction and engagement. But most of all, I need a DM who will try to get me and not automatically say no to everything while assuming disruptive intentions. I need to feel validated and listened as a player, basically because all of my most recent interactions have been very invalidating. I kind of feel that things never go my way, like it is always all give and never getting anything.

What I desire to play the most can be summarized as an NPC-like PC. An average or even below average person surrounded by powerful people. Someone who might not be able to save anybody -in fact may need saving-, but who can help in other ways. Direct or indirect. Think of it like an extended escort mission. This could work with any game, just working together to create an NPC-like statblock. Though I would be very happy if anybody let me play this: (This is a free version of a published 3rd party class. It isn't just a random homebrew, this class has been printed in actual professional rulebooks).

A close second is to have the chance of playing a witch/sorcerer that was allowed free reign to feel magical. To have enough "toys" in the box. (Note that I mean witch/sorcerer, not a wizard. No books or learned stuff). It would vary depending on the actual system. The core idea is this isn't a combat caster, no frying, killing or breaking things with magic. Following with the previous idea, ideally I would love to be able to have low stats with this character. Not low as in -I have and 8 and a 10-, but rather low as in -Some stats are 3, 5 or 7-.

Or just being allowed to have a character that isn't optimal for combat would go a long way. Please, let me have a small half-orc with low strength yet still trying to use a heavy weapon, or a wizard with low intelligence, or a paladin that can't fight well.

Failing that, well, I play healers with glee. A sorcerer or rogue isn't off the table either. Any fantasy system works for me at this point. I'm open to going solo if necessary. Most of all, I need a DM who can capture my imagination and be open and welcoming. Is there anybody who could make this a reality?
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Sun 20 Jun 2021
at 08:16
I need a game to keep me engaged (DnD, PF, any fantasy)
In reply to LunarKitty (msg # 1):

I am getting verry close to opening my 3.0(tweeked) world.

The campaign requires all characters to be 1/2 Dragons, but base race is fairly open. Also using a slightly elevated point buy, so "Poor" stats are pretty unatainable.

On the other hand, if you play a Cleric of the Human "Mother" goddess, you would have a vow of non-violence, a strong one.

If this fits your need, let me know.
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Wed 7 Jul 2021
at 12:54
I need a game to keep me engaged (DnD, PF, any fantasy)

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