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Fri 25 Jun 2021
at 00:59
Looking for something 5e above 1st level
So, the title pretty much says it but let me explain why. I've made a ton of 1st level characters on this site for games that never made it last for one reason or another. This is not a desire for a power trip. I would just like to play someone a bit more capable. Sure, it makes better character development to start at lvl 1 and grow, but it doesn't matter when the game doesn't last long enough for that to happen.

I'm not saying that I want some epic-level spree of murder-hobo-ism. I would like to at least start at level 5 or higher. Heck, I might even settle for level 3.
Lord Psynister
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Fri 25 Jun 2021
at 01:16
Looking for something 5e above 1st level
I'm happy to join in. I'm already running five games at the moment, and don't really have time to run another, but I certainly have time to play in one.