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Wed 7 Jul 2021
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Pathfinder Kingmaker solo
Valya rode south.  He had been, these many day.  But this time, it was south.  Into the Stolen Lands.  He'd left New Stetven about 6 day prior, promising to send word as soon as he's started to carve a place.  The scouts had reported a small tower, or fortified building, on one of the small tributaries of the East Sellen, in the Hooktongue Slough.  That's where he was headed, to see if he could clear it, and some land, and start to build a settlement.  For Brevoy, for House Medvyed, and for him, the 3rd son of a second wife, Valentin Osin Mevyed.  He would get a chance to stay High Above, and see it through, or die trying.

So that's just a tiny teaser-snippet.

I'd like, as the title suggests, a Pathfinder Kingmaker solo.  I'm obviously thinking a noble born, and some kind of diplomat/scout/winderness-y type class build.

I'm not a min-maxxer, and prefer the story to the loot.  I'm a relatively consistent poster, but I sometimes run into IRL stuff or like to think about a response, and that can be a challenge for small team games, so that's why solo.  I would be thrilled with an NPC sidekick, or even a GM character that was the sidekick or even vaguely equal.

Would love to flesh it all out with you.

&& to sweeten the pot, I could do the same kinda thing for you.  I've been gaming a long time, and I bet we could find a setting&syste that I could run for you, whether that was a solo or a small team.  rmail me?  Let's discuss.