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Fri 9 Jul 2021
at 00:29
LF D&D5 or Gurps Fantasy
The subject line pretty much covers it:

I'd like to find a D&D 5 game. Also, while I can certainly play basic archtypes, I have a few odd ball ideas I'd like to try, some odder than others. All, o course, doable with the rules from Wotc, but with creative combinations of Race/Class/Subclass to come up with things like Fallen Angels, Accidental Adventurers, Professional Adventurers, Half Formed Genies, and the like.

I wouldn't mind a Gurps Fantasy game, but NOT Dungeon Fantasy, which is just making a classless system class based. I'd like to develop the character specifics myself, if it's Gurps.

Gurps Scifi, and similar also hold interest, but I am not fond of modern day settings, for the most part.
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Wed 28 Jul 2021
at 02:04
LF D&D5 or Gurps Fantasy