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Thu 15 Jul 2021
at 18:10
Looking for Games (Pathfinder, DnD, nWoD, Starfinder etc.)
I am looking for more games to join :3 I am most interested in joining games that use any of the following systems:

Any Chronicles of Darkness 2E (or nWoD 1E)
*especially Changeling: the Lost or Vampire: the Requiem

Pathfinder 1E


DnD 5E or 3.5E

Homebrew of any of the above

Adult or at least Mature rated games preferred. Would love to join active games that usually have daily posts, but posts every couple days is also OK. A small group of players would be great, but I am also interested in solo games or even a solo game trade. Prefer to play across from folks who make 1-2+ paragraph posts with (mostly) correct grammar. Otherwise I am not picky on the exact theme of the game & I will craft a character to suit the game world and theme that you choose :D

I'd also be down to play a Star Wars game but I've never played any before so I'd be a total noob - fair warning.

Thanks for reading ;)

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