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Sat 17 Jul 2021
at 19:42
Some DnD 5e Perhaps
More games and such fell through, so I'm feeling like having something simple. Some nice classic adventuring with DnD 5e feels right up my alley atm, either solo or small group, definitely not more than four players plus DM. Hit me up if you're willing to work something out?
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Wed 21 Jul 2021
at 04:53
Some DnD 5e Perhaps

I too am looking for a 5e campaign. I ran a homebrew campaign here for about two years but had to close up shop when I lost a trio players (due to RL) in relatively short order and couldn't find serious replacements. I'd love to experience 5e from the player side of the DM screen.

If you're a DM looking for a dedicated player with plenty of RP'ing and writing experience, please feel free to reach out. I'd love to hear from you.



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Wed 28 Jul 2021
at 02:59
Some DnD 5e Perhaps
Coincidentally, I am bumping. Fancy that.
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Wed 28 Jul 2021
at 07:46
Some DnD 5e Perhaps
In reply to Raellus (msg # 2):

Dude, how is that your first forum post! You’ve been on RPoL for flippin’ years!!!