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Sun 25 Jul 2021
at 19:23
3 years ago, I and 25 others joined a game on RPoL that had 5 GM's.  These 26 players were divided into 6 teams.

We went through character development and began play.  After 10 Months of play The GM who ran the group I was in had RL issues that forced him to end his role as GM.  I guess the other groups and GM's had already went off the rails for whatever reasons.

Recently several players have checked in to the game and are still interested in playing the characters we worked so hard on.

Looking for a GM interested in taking on a group of 7-8 Pathfinders using the following Game description as a starting point and create a game for our characters in Limbo, it would be greatly appreciated.

The game description was:
[game name] is a game about characters who are members of an adventuring company that contracts out its operators to do work for various factions, individuals, and nations. It is pretty much a mercenary/bounty hunter guild, where players can choose to work alone, form/join a crew, or partner with another. Jobs have various difficulty levels that will be unknown to players in order to preserve realism. You might start an adventure and have no need for another but then find you need to recruit another pathfinder to fill in a skill set you don't have, or to simply help you combat a foe who is stronger than you(exceptions will be made for those who wish to play solo and don't want to have to recruit another player, but this is NOT a solo game).

We will be starting at level 8 though players are free to start at a lower level should they choose. We will be using Gestalt (any class combination), roll 4d6 drop lowest reroll 1s.

GM expects for himself a post rate of at least 3 times a week, striving for once a day and would ask players to try and do the same.

The Characters who have shown interest are:

The Gray Mouser (my character)
  - Grey Elf (Gray Maiden) Rogue 8 / Ranger 8
Ogun Jobi
Arthur Spellseeker
Carissa Mirowen
Alemveon Banivardimor
Ken Nobi

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Sun 25 Jul 2021
at 21:01
I might be interested in running this, if no one else steps forward.

I currently run something similar, Pathfinder JAGSS, but the characters are all just Adventurers, rather than mercenaries/bounty hunters.

I also ran a Pathfinder gestalt about the same levels, but set in Middle Earth.

Was there a particular locale on Golarion where the group was based? Or where you'd prefer to operate from?
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Sat 31 Jul 2021
at 11:42
Hey StarMaster,

Sorry for the delayed response.  Was camping for a week and am back to civilization now.

I have run your potential offer by the other's who would be playing and there has been no indication of a preference to setting or theme; mercenaries/bounty hunters or Adventurers doesn't matter.  I think we all just want to see our characters that we spent a lot of time on see action.

If you do take this on we could have a discussion in OOC about where the group might be operating out of.

From the responses so far we have:

Gray Mouser        = Grey Elf: Unchained Rogue 8 (Glory / Weapon Expert / Arcane Charlatan) // Spell-less Ranger 8 (Dual Style / Companion Bound)

Kass               = Solaric ECL +1 / Unchained Rogue 7 // Ranger 8

Note: Gray Mouser and Kass have basically similar classes but are still vastly different in their utility)

Arthur Spellseeker = Arcanist 8 // Bard 8 (Archivist)

Carissa            = Aasimar: Occultist 8 // Warlord 8

Nijera             = Barbarian 8 (Invulnerable Rager) // Ninja 8

Ogun Jobi          = Nephili (Greater Human): Fighter 8 // Hunter 8 (Forester)

Alemveon           = Shadovin: Factotum 8 // Investigator 8 (questioner archetype)

Ken Obi            = Human: Psychic 8 // Samurai 8 (Sword Saint)

Note: The previous GM allowed Factotum from 3.5 for the synergy of inspiration points from Factotum and Investigator.

The following was our Character Creation Guidelines:

This is a Gestalt Pathfinder game, where virtually any class, combination of classes, multiclassing, etc are available and allowed. This game was created so that players could play characters they rarely or never get to play in other games. So have fun! Go all out!

Ability Points-
Roll 4d6, drop lowest. Reroll 1's. If you have incredibly low points, message the GM to discuss options. Generally though as long as the majority of your stats are above 9, you're stuck with the results.

Players start at level 8 or below.

We will be using the PC wealth by level chart found here at this link below.

We will be using the background skills house rule.

We will be using the Feat Tax House Rule, which takes away the need for several Feats in order to allow for players to play characters they would rather play, and choose feats they want to actually use.

All characters can be built with 18 race points. You may choose a prebuilt race and add/remove rp features to get to 18, or play a race who does not have 18rp.

You may also choose to build your own unique race, here's a handy link below.

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Sun 1 Aug 2021
at 21:12
Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, but I'll give this a go.

Give me a day or so to set up a new board.

As you said, we can discuss things in the OOC there.
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Sun 1 Aug 2021
at 21:32
Awesome, thanks for taking this on StarMaster.
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Mon 2 Aug 2021
at 02:36
Half the work was already done, so the new version is now up and running.

Here's the link:

link to another game