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Tue 10 Aug 2021
at 23:36
Mutants & Mastermind 3E

Anyone up for GMing a M&M 3E game for me? I'm eager to play M&M again...

I'd be interested in a solo game, as I have trouble keeping up with group games. I can play in any comic book era aside from Golden Age - it just doesn't do much for me. My preference are modern-day supers in relatively serious stories (with the optional amount of Iron Age grit and / or Silver Age craziness being negotiable ;)). Alternatively, I'd be interested in horror superheroics in the vein of Swamp Thing...

Anyone up for this? If so, please rMail me :)
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Sun 5 Sep 2021
at 23:33
Mutants & Mastermind 3E
Bump! Anyone? :)
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Mon 6 Sep 2021
at 14:36
Mutants & Mastermind 3E
Been on the search for pretty much the same thing.
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Sun 12 Sep 2021
at 23:59
Mutants & Mastermind 3E
Bump! :)
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Tue 28 Sep 2021
at 21:55
Mutants & Mastermind 3E