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Sun 22 Aug 2021
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Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Ed.
I have a character in Vampire: the Masquerade I'd like to keep playing. The game I was in on RPoL died (it was a solo game), and I'd really like to continue to play him.

Any takers? I can play either solo or in a group, but I'd prefer not to alter him, as I've worked very hard keeping him alive. I am willing to alter his background if need be.

This is him when the game died:

Name: John "Slade" Reynolds  Concept: Malkavian Punkrock Drug Dealer       Predator: Scene Queen
Chronicle: Iron City Anarchs Ambition: Open an Asylum Club                 Clan: Malkavian
Sire: Malakai                Desire: Create drugs mimicking Disciplines    Generation: 10th

Physical     Strength     1     Dexterity     2     Stamina     2
Social       Charisma     3     Manipulation  4     Composure   3
Mental       Intelligence 3     Wits          2     Resolve     2

Health: 5/5

Willpower: 5/5

Hunger Level: 0

Athletics      -          Animal Ken     -          Academics      -
Brawl          -          Etiquette      2          Awareness      1
Craft          2          Insight        1          Finance        1
Drive          1          Intimidation   2          Investigation  -
Firearms       -          Leadership     -          Medicine       2
Larceny        -          Performance    -          Occult         -
Melee          1          Persuasion     3          Politics       -
Stealth        2          Streetwise     3          Science        4
                            (drugs, club scene)       (chemistry)
Survival       -          Subterfuge     3          Technology     -

Sense the Unseen level 1
   The senses of the vampire become attuned to dimensions beyond the mundane, allowing
 them to sense presences otherwise hidden from the naked eye. This can be anything from
 another vampire using Obfuscate to someone using Auspex to spy upon the character to a
 ghost in the middle of the room. Dormant Blood Sorcery spells and rituals might also be
 found with this power, at the Storyteller’s discretion.
> Cost: Free
> Dice Pools: Wits + Auspex or Resolve + Auspex
> System: Whenever there’s something supernatural hiding in plain sight, the Storyteller
 makes a hidden roll of Wits + Auspex against a Difficulty they choose. Against an entity
 actively trying to stay hidden, the Storyteller can call for a blind roll (“Lisa, roll
 seven dice for me”) as a contest against the target’s relevant pool. (For example,
 detecting a vampire using Obfuscate would be a roll of Wits + Auspex vs Wits + Obfuscate)
 If the vampire actively searches for a hidden supernatural entity, they roll Resolve +
 Auspex similarly.
> Duration: Passive

Premonition level 2
   The vampire experiences flashes of insight. These may take the form of raised
 hackles, sudden inspiration or even vivid visions. While never too precise, these
 visions can nudge the vampire out of harm’s way or reveal a truth previously
> Cost: Free or one Rouse Check
> Dice Pools: Resolve + Auspex
> System: Whenever the Storyteller deems it appropriate, this power gives the character
 a sudden hint that aids them in some way: letting them find a clue they’ve missed or
 saving them from danger. Whether it gives the character a sudden vision of themselves
 walking into a trap, an inviting red glow over the second right turn during a chase, or
 the brief flash of a skeleton beneath the floorboards in the Prince’s office, this
 power always gives the Storyteller license to subtly speed up play or move the story
 onto a desired track. The suggested limit is one premonition per scene, even if more
 than one character has Premonition.
> The user can also actively provoke a premonition by focusing on a subject, making a
 Rouse Check and rolling Resolve + Auspex. The number of successes rolled determines
 the level of insight on the subject, if any.
> Duration: Passive

Scry the Soul level 3
   By focusing on a person, the vampire can perceive the state of that person’s psyche
 as a shifting aura of colors. Auras reveal little precise information, but do provide
 clues regarding many subjects, e.g., emotional state, Resonance, and supernatural
 traits. If looking for a specific condition, the vampire can cursorily scan the crowd
 to detect it. Such cursory scans provide no further information.
> Cost: One Rouse Check
> Dice Pools: Intelligence + Auspex vs Composure + Subterfuge.
> System: Make an Intelligence + Auspex vs Composure + Subterfuge roll. On a win, the
 Storyteller truthfully answers a number of questions equal to the margin of the roll
 about the target’s aura and psyche, including:
> The emotional state of the subject.
> The Resonance in the subject’s blood.
> Whether the subject is a vampire, werewolf, ghoul or any other supernatural being.
> Whether the subject is under the influence of Blood Sorcery or other magic.
> Whether the subject has committed diablerie in the last year.
> A critical win allows discovery of something unexpected, as determined by the
If scanning a crowd, roll versus a Difficulty determined by the size of the crowd and
 external distractions, as well as the type of trait being sought. (Finding the vampire
 in the living room might only be a Difficulty 3, while finding the most nervous person
 at a crowded rave is most likely Difficulty 6 or higher.)
> Duration: One turn, or Storyteller’s discretion

Cloud Memory level 1
   By uttering the phrase “Forget!” the user can make the Dominated victim forget the
 current moment as well as the last few minutes, enough to mask a superficial feeding or
 a chance meeting. No new memories are formed and if pressed the victim realizes they
 have a few minutes missing.
> Cost: Free
> Dice Pools: Charisma + Dominate vs Wits + Resolve
> System: No roll is required against an unprepared mortal victim. Clouding the memory
 of a resisting victim or another vampire requires a Charisma + Dominate vs Wits +
 Resolve roll.
> Duration: Indefinitely

Mesmerize level 2
   The vampire can issue complex commands to a victim, as long as they have the
 subject’s gaze and relative quiet in which to issue instructions. The instructions must
 be carried out immediately to the victim’s best ability, and must not contain any
 conditional actions (“...if you see Henry, give him the document”), as this would
 require the victim to exercise cognition.
> Cost: One Rouse Check
> Dice Pools: Manipulation + Dominate vs Intelligence + Resolve
> System: No roll is required against an unprepared mortal victim. Commanding a
 resisting victim or another vampire requires a contest of Manipulation + Dominate vs
 Intelligence + Resolve. Commands that go against the victim’s nature also require such
 a contest.
> Duration: Until the command is carried out or the scene ends, whichever comes first.

The Forgetful Mind level 3
   The vampire can rewrite whole swathes of the victim’s memories, as long as they can
 keep the victim’s gaze and full, uninterrupted attention. The vampire verbally
 describes the victim’s new memories, which the victim then accepts as their own. This
 power does not allow the user to investigate the victim’s true memories; it more
 resembles blindly painting over the old canvas.
> Cost: One Rouse Check
> Dice Pools: Manipulation + Dominate vs Intelligence + Resolve
> System: The user rolls a contest of Manipulation + Dominate vs Intelligence + Resolve.
 Each point of margin allows the user to add or remove an additional memory. The victim
 recalls the edits vaguely, foggy ideations that can fall apart under close questioning.
 A critical win creates a flawless imprint, as real as any true memory.
> Duration: Indefinitely

Rationalize level 4
The vampire’s victims now believe that anything they do under the influence of Dominate
 was a result of their own free will, and defend their actions, however absurd. Long
-term exposure to this power can lead to severe mental trauma in the victim.
> Cost: No additional cost
> System: If pressed on their belief, the victim can make a Wits+Awareness test (Difficulty
 5). A win makes them question their own statement, and possibly their sanity.
> Duration: Indefinitely

Silence of Death level 1
   Popular among the Banu Haqim, this power completely silences the user, nullifying all
 sound made by them. As with other Obfuscate powers, this only works on people within
 earshot and does not fool microphones or other electronic sound detectors. Unlike
 Obfuscate in general, this power works only on the sense of hearing, but in exchange
 operates more robustly. A vampire needs to make a whole lot of noise to break this
> Cost: Free
> System: The user silences their footsteps, clothing, minor collisions, and other
 sounds of their person. This makes the vampire undetectable if an observer could only
 notice them by sound, such as when on a different floor of a house. This power does not
 eliminate sounds the user makes outside their personal space (throwing or dropping
 objects, or slamming doors, for example). Failing that, only Sense the Unseen
 (Auspex 1) can detect the user.
> Duration: One scene

Unseen Passage level 2
   With this power, the vampire can now move around while staying hidden. The user is
 functionally invisible, per the usual Obfuscate limitations.
> Cost: One Rouse Check
> System: As long as the user emits no overpowering odors and no sound louder than a
 whisper, this power automatically works. Only if the observer has their attention drawn
 to the user can they make a detection roll. Sense the Unseen (Auspex 1) can also detect
 the hidden vampire, as per the general Obfuscate rules. Note that the user cannot use
 this power to disappear while being actively observed; it automatically fails in such a
> Duration: One scene or until detection.

Chronicle Tenets
> Never snitch
> Respect others, and demand respect

Touchstones & Convictions
Convictions: Never expose children to violence
Touchstones: Great granddaughter "Molly"

Clan Bane
   When the Malkavian suffers a Bestial Failure or a Compulsion, their curse comes to the
 fore. Suffer a penalty equal to your character’s Bane Severity to one category of dice
 pools (Physical) for the entire scene. This is in addition to any penalties incurred by

Clan Compulsion
- Delusion
   Their extrasensory gifts running wild, the vampire experiences what might be truths or
 portents, but what others call figments of imagination, dredged up by Hunger.
   While still functional, the vampire’s mind and perceptions are skewed. They receive a
 two-dice penalty to rolls involving Dexterity, Manipulation, Composure, and Wits as well
 as on rolls to resist terror frenzy, for one scene.

Advantages & Flaws
Looks                     2
-Beautiful (+1 die to Social Tests)
Haven                     2
-Laboratory               1
 (+1 die to Science Tests)

-Security System          1
 (+1 die to resist or alert you to unauthorized entry into your haven)

-Cell                     2
 (hold 2 people. Difficulty 6 to escape)

Contact                   1
-Drug Dealer
Fame                      1
-Club Scene
Resources                 3
Jeanette/Therese Voerman  3
-Asylum Membership
   You never need to wait in a queue for entry to the Asylum, you always have one of the best
 seats in the house, and as long as you don’t fuck up, you may hunt there once or twice per
 session (Difficulty 2) without any ruffled feathers.
-Performing Monkey
   Jeanette and Therese know you as a reliable asset, and they frequently subject you to missions
 ranging from serious investigations to flights of insane fancy. Although dangerous, they are
 generous, and they repay any boons incurred.
-Jeanette’s Favorite
   Jeanette Voerman, the wild child of the Voerman family, adores you, pets you, and flirts with
 you. Though she arguably is the less stable of the sisters, she’s also the more generous one.
 You may stay in the day chamber of any Asylum club if you require (if Jeanette is there, she
 insists you do), use the club to host your own parties, and ask for favors small and large from
 the Anarch Baron. Jeanette counts as a four-dot Mawla, but only for the purposes of Malkavian
 and Anarch dealings.

Prey Exclusion
Folkloric Block
-Long Bond

Blood Potency: 2 (minimum 1, maximum 4)
> When Mending Damage, you can remove two points of Superficial damage per Rouse Check.
> Roll two dice and pick the highest when rolling a Rouse Check for level 2 discipline powers and below.
 (Or re-roll the Rouse Check).
> Add two die to your dice pools when using or resisting discipline powers.
Blood Surge: 2 die
Power Bonus: 2 die
Feeding Penalty: Animal and bagged blood slakes no Hunger.
Mend Amount: 2 Superficial damage
Rouse Re-Roll: Level 2 Disciplines
Bane Severity: 2 die

True Age: 105
Apparent Age: 23
Date of Birth: 1915
Date of Death: 1939

Went to woodstock
He's Malkavian
He has PTSD, and bi-polar skitzoaffective disorder
He's a part time tattoo artist
He's a punkrocker
He prefers to stalk clubs and underground raves to feed
He uses psychoactive drugs (prefers ecstasy, LSD, mushrooms, marijuana)
Likes to feed on those using said drugs
He's an Anarch
He's a promoter/hype man for some local DJs
He's a drug dealer/maker for both Kine and Kindred alike
He spent time in a mental institution when he was alive
His sire would visit him in the mental institution, talking to him and feeding on him. He thought it was a
 hallucination at first until he was Embraced.
After he was Embraced his sire left (he hasn't seen him since).

Slade spent his living life in New Jersey (where he was Embraced).
He's always been anti-establishment (and an Anarch). That's why Malakai Embraced him.
He moved to Pittsburgh recently. He found out his great granddaughter is going to college there and moved because he
 felt the need to protect her (from afar).

He has several allies here.
His drug dealer Jay Johnson, a mortal, who is 33.
A Gangrel History Professor named Mary Wolfe (who looks 62) at the college Molly goes to.
Jeanette and Therese Voerman (pg. 394 of the Core Rulebook)
Slade knows Jeanette/Therese well enough to be trusted to do missions for them (which he has done on several
 occasions). We met initially at the Asylum. I have no idea why they trust Slade, they see something in him they
 like. Therese is also friendly with Slade, though he is Jeanette's favorite. I found out their secret while working
 on an entirely different mission by accident. I've kept it to myself since.

Jay knows nothing of Slade's true nature. He met him at a club when he first moved to Pittsburgh. They've become
 friends since and Jay supplies him with the drugs Slade does not make himself (weed, pills, mushrooms mostly).
 Slade makes the rest in his laboratory (ecstasy, LSD, PCP mostly); but he is working on a line of drugs (mostly for
 Kindred) that mimic Disciplines for a short time.

Mary is Camarilla. He met her when he was scouting out the campus Molly goes to. She is friendly towards Slade,
 and willing to introduce him to others of their kind. Slade scouted out his own Haven before he moved to Pittsburgh.

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Wed 25 Aug 2021
at 00:15
Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Ed.
If only my game was close to ready...

In any event, I too wouldnt mind giving 5e a shot as a player.
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Wed 25 Aug 2021
at 13:34
Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Ed.
Does that mean you're getting a game ready?
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Sun 5 Sep 2021
at 21:03
Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Ed.
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Fri 17 Sep 2021
at 22:41
Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Ed.
I'm about to launch a new game, running the V5 Demo Chronicle "The Monsters", which will then lead onto a further story drawn from the Sourcebook "Trails of Ash and Bone".

This would require characters to be no more than 30 years dead and based in the city of Birmingham UK, but please let me know if there's interest.
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Fri 17 Sep 2021
at 22:55
Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Ed.
Nah. Like I said, I can change the background some, but I don't want to otherwise alter my character.
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Sat 25 Sep 2021
at 05:56
Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Ed.
Well, if anyone is interested, the game is live in Players Wanted!
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Sun 26 Sep 2021
at 23:37
Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Ed.
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Wed 27 Oct 2021
at 04:18
Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Ed.
I would be interested in playing a V5 game. I'm not very familiar with Birmingham, but I would be willing to give it a shot.

Any other games playing V5 would also at least interest me.
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Sun 7 Nov 2021
at 04:02
Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Ed.
I would really love to play or even GM a VtM5 game! Please let me know if this happens, or if you need a storyteller!
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Sun 7 Nov 2021
at 23:54
Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Ed.
I would like to play in the game if it gets off the ground.