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Wed 25 Aug 2021
at 05:29
Pathfinder Spheres or PTU
Looking for a high powered game to take the edge off of life's stresses.

Pathfinder I'd very much like to see Spheres, gestalt rules, and maybe some extra boosters in a Grand Campaign. I don't need to be a God compared to my enemies, I want a challenge. But I want the possibility for some character ideas you just never realistically get to see succeed.

PTU (Pokémon Tabletop United) I'd like to see all the errata in play, Thrice's Editation, and even the Blessed and the Damned in a non-typical pokemon game.
Whether that be an alternative to the gym rush, or just fire emblem with pokemon, I'm fine with so long as the story holds true.

I'm almost always seeking these, and am more than happy to help someone hash things out, I just want to play instead of run.
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Wed 25 Aug 2021
at 13:23
Pathfinder Spheres or PTU
I might be able to help you with that. I'm running a (currently) 13th level gestalt/mythic game I plan on taking to epic levels. I've got a good solid group of players, we have over 2,000 posts in the game currently.

If I let you into the game, what would you want to play?

rmail me and we can discuss it and I'll send you a link to the game so you can check it out.
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Tue 31 Aug 2021
at 14:50
Pathfinder Spheres or PTU
I now have a potential game idea to pull interest for the Pathfinder line.

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Continued.

Shortly after Mehrunes Dagon had his scheme undone and found himself weakened and banished, an invader made itself known.
A demigod of another realm took advantage of his weakened state to usurp his realm and imprison him.

Now with the Daedra as his troops and a facet of Oblivion as a staging ground the godling wages war on reality, seeking artifacts and other methods to ascend to full divinity.

You, hapless heroes, know nothing of this, but the Aedrea and Daedric Princes note the absence and investigate, while in your realm the many divinities take note of a new force in the Great War.

So still looking for this to be Spheres, hopefully Gestalt with Mythic tiers to be earned given the scale of the threat. Maybe even Oaths, Aristeia, or the Deific Talents to be broken out later.
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Fri 3 Sep 2021
at 20:33
Pathfinder Spheres or PTU
Another possible game idea would be a monster themed game. Still Gestalt Spheres but not necessarily needing the other details.

I've a particular idea I really want to bring to a table.
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Fri 3 Sep 2021
at 20:36
Pathfinder Spheres or PTU
I don't know about Pathfinder but I too would be down with a PTU game if anyone were willing to run one.
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Mon 20 Sep 2021
at 19:43
Pathfinder Spheres or PTU
Bumping with a solo game idea.

Seeking DM for a solo Pathfinder/3.5 game. Survival, Intrigue, Possible Horror.

Self playing a memory and shape-stealing creature called a Mindstealer Drone in a large scale Among Us campaign. My goal, dominate, survive, become OP.
Your goal, design a world, make the challenges realistic, help me tell a story.

I want to be forced to flee from superior foes to have to vanish into the forest as another squirrel, I want the chance to steal someone's identity and then switcheroo to pin the murder on another, I want even the royalty to eventually declare me an absolute threat and be forced to fight with every trick I have.

I just need a GM willing to give me the time and dedication.

I'll even go for an isekai in the vein of "So I'm a Spider"
Cue "I'm stuck as a braineating shapeshifter?!?!"