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Thu 2 Sep 2021
at 00:57
Looking to play an uncommon character AD&D 2e
Hello, I am interested in a 2nd edition advanced d&d game that is set in faerun or can have characters from there and still get their religious powers. I am highly interested in playing an moon elf ranger/cleric of Solonor Thelandira using the rules for such characters under Solonor's entry in Demihuman Deities. Namely that Ranger/Clerics are an allowed multiclass for certain deities, including Solonor, and that ranger/clerics can use their ranger weapons rather than be limited to blunt weapons. Preferably with proficiencies. Also, I want the pathfinder character kit from the Ranger's Complete Handbook.

On to other matters of the game. I'd prefer to play with a group with a good 3-5 posts a week posting rate. I don't care about any other rules for the game. The gm can decide anything else they wish for character generation, as long as I can achieve the stats necessary for my classes and hopefully have a few bonuses of some type. I also have no preference between PHB character gen or Player's Options char gen. They can decide on the quests/adventures/campaigns they see fit, just preferably somewhere close to a forest with a moon elf population (I don't mind if we have to travel half the planet away from there, as long as we return at some point, or at least end up somewhere similar.), no matter how small. I want to leave the prospective gm enough room for them to develop something they'd enjoy running while I enjoy roleplaying my character concept, and if other players are involved, enjoy their concepts. I have no preference between gm made stories or premades. I have only played about 1 random encounter in the Sword of the Dales campaign, we had a TPK from a giant amount of stirges randomly rolled, and I haven't played any other premades for 2e. If doing premade, or with a game with similarly lethal random possibilities, and a TPK occurs, I'd recommend doing something similar to the saved game concept, rather than make all new characters, but that's not necessary either.

In fact, I don't mind if someone wanted to also fulfill the request for a cavalier or paladin below me, and I can be the guide/scout for the group, so long as he doesn't mind my preferences either.

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Tue 7 Sep 2021
at 07:24
Looking to play an uncommon character AD&D 2e
I was able to find a solo game for this, so I no longer need a gm.