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Sat 4 Sep 2021
at 01:32
Any Star Frontiers Vacancies?
Looking for a game of Star Frontiers with vacancies, I am happy to generate a new character or adopt an orphaned character :)
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 Captain Oblivious!
Wed 8 Sep 2021
at 00:22
Any Star Frontiers Vacancies?
I've actually been mulling over the past few days (thanks to the appropriate thread elsewhere) of reviving some variation of "Shipwrecked".   Which is basically a group of characters from a high tech society (Traveler, Star Trek, etc) stranded on a low tech world.

While the idea is much easier to do in a d20 system, it's easily portable into Star Frontiers; as it's basically shifting from a d20 to a d100 setup.   While I've got a basic outline still rattling around in my skull; I'd like some feedback from the players in regards to the "local wildlife".

I haven't quite figured out the opening yet, but I'm leaning toward either a straight up disaster or a group of pirates (from which some of the PCs come from) as the catalyst.

I'll put this out here as tentative, assuming there's enough interest for me to start working out the details.