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Birthday Request for Ravenloft 5e or any Forgotten Realms 5e
It is my birthday today and I wanted to make a birthday wish. A 5e campaign set in Ravenloft or the Forgotten Realms. I would love it if an openminded DM is willing to use the below character for one of the following modules:


Character Concept

Name: Marianna 'Maria' Fireheart
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Alignment: Good
Age: 9
Hair: Reddish Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 3'9"
Weight: 48 lbs.
Character Class: Wizard

Description: Maria is small for her age, being lean and lanky and standing a few inches short of four feet. She has long, wavy, reddish brown hair and hazel eyes. The girl is fairskinned with a touch of sallowness. Her attire consists of a light blue shirt, brown pants and a hooded green cloak which partially conceals a backpack.

Personality: Maria is a kindhearted, loving child with a stubborn streak. She is sweet and innocent on the outside but very courageous and formidable on the inside. The girl is very outspoken and can have a biting, sarcastic sense of humor. Tends to be soft spoken.


The Fezirs were a generation of red wizards who unlike their fellow Thayan wizards, did not share the lust for power and conquest. In fact they were derided in Thay for their kindness to other species and slaves. The large, close knitted family was also very powerful though and because they were generally well liked by the native merchants as well as being powerful wizards, they were not easily bullied by the other red wizards and zulkirs. Besides, they were known for their aptitudes in alchemy, scroll and potion making, and construction of magical devices. This family was notorious for breeding skilled craftsmen and women, so they were tolerated by Szass Tamm who needed their skilled family members to help with the enclaves.

But by 1374 they had had enough. Thay was becoming too nightmarish for their tastes. With all the civil wars erupting and the increasing undead, the older Fezirs had decided that it was time to move on to more safer pastures. So they packed up their entire family and left Thay for good. Szass Tamm would not have it though. But the Fezirs put together were more than a match for Tamm and his minions. Still a magical war broke out between Szass Tamm and the Fezirs. Szass Tamm won, barely, but there was one survivor, the youngest named Shamar Fezir who had eventually escaped reluctantly from Thay before the final battle at the behest of his grandfather.

Shamar eventually went westward. He became an adventuring wizard and earned his living through magic and research. Eventually he met another woman from Thay, a former escaped slave whom was a wizard in training. He took her in and helped her finish her training. But it became more than a relationship between master and apprentice, the two fell in love and eventually married. They settled down in the Dragon Coast setting up a potions shop in Westgate. Soon the Fezir family was growing in numbers once more and for 100 years the Fezirs had become a pillar of the community.

For 7 generations the Fezir family earned the trust of the city and were much beloved for their kindness and charitable actions. It no longer mattered where the family originated and the the Fezirs held no ill will to anyone anyways. For that matter, though unsuccessfully, the Fezirs rallied many of the more honest merchants in Westgate to form a union just as powerful as the Fire Knives, Night Masks and other not so honest organizations in order to make Westgate more civilized. They held their own and became a thorn on the Night Mask's side, constantly keeping the organization in check. While they could not totally eradicate the corruption, they did stem it and made life easier for the more honest working people of Westgate. Shamar's grandson Lido had once found himself taking on Orbach and might have won had it not been the fact that Lido was mortally wounded himself and he had to barely escape Orbach's minions who came to the vampire's rescue. The result of the legendary battle between the Fezir organization and the Night Masks led to the Night Masks being so weakened that the Fire Knives were able to eradicate them. However the notoriously feisty and risilient Fezirs were as stubborn and unbreakable as ever. The Fire Knives got rid of one enemy but gained an even more powerful one in its stead. The Fire Knives continued to be constantly foiled time and again by the Fezir family.

Maria was born a eighth generation Fezir from the mother Umara's side. Her father was Allistair Fireheart, a Waterdhavian who came to the community as a visiting scholar and fellow wizard who fell in love with Umara. The two decided to move to northwest and set up a wizarding school in Loudwater.

Maria's childhood was happy and filled with knowledge. Even at a young age she was an avid learner, being able to read fluently when she was 3 and even write to a limited degree when she was 4. Her parents guardedly encouraged this but had no problem teaching her magic when she asked them to when she reached 5 years of age. They believed in encouraging children to pursue knowledge and learning as much as possible. It was the use of knowledge, not the knowledge itself that determined the morality of a person as well as their own actions. Since Maria was an avid book learner and a very stubborn and determined student she began mastering Cantrips and to a limited degree At Will spells fairly early by the age of 7.

At about the time Maria turned 8, tragedy struck. The Fezir family was visited by a few powerful red wizards working for Szass Tamm along with a few Fire Knives assassins. They all got into a magical battle and slaughtered each other. Apparently Tamm's wizards had somehow learned that there was a very young child who would be among the youngest wizards in Faerun history and that some Thayan Diviners believed that she might one day grow up to lead the destruction of Szass Tamm and his minions. The night before Maria's birthday, Allistair gave her her first spellbook with a new set of spells to learn. After placing Maria under the care of a family friend, Allistair and Umara travelled to Thay to get to the bottom of the prophecy about their daughter. They never returned. Apparently Szass Tamm confronted the two himself and while they fought valiantly, they were killed before Tamm could get the necessary information needed to locate Maria.

Maria was devestated by the loss of her parents and felt responsibility for it. But her parents had planned ahead. They had arranged for Maria to be put under the care of another family friend, Kale, who was a travelling merchant if anything should happen to them. That way Maria was always on the move and difficult to find. For months Maria had been on the move. But Szass Tamm's minions were everywhere and eventually one of Szass Tamm's mercenary mages tried to kidnap Maria but Kale got in the way. Kale managed to kill the mage as Maria made her escape but not before he himself was mortally wounded and died. Rather than return to Loudwater and putting her childhood friends in danger, Maria chooses to keep travelling and moving from town to town surviving on her wits and if necessary her magic. And this is where her adventures begin!
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Birthday Request for Ravenloft 5e or any Forgotten Realms 5e
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Birthday Request for Ravenloft 5e or any Forgotten Realms 5e
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Birthday Request for Ravenloft 5e or any Forgotten Realms 5e
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Birthday Request for Ravenloft 5e or any Forgotten Realms 5e
I specialize in running 1-on-1 games (1 player, 1 DM; not player vs. DM) and have some bandwidth to run another. If it's sounds like something you'd like, shoot me an RTJ.

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