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Mon 1 Nov 2021
at 15:26
Seeking Cowboy Bebop/Serenity-like (Sci-Fi Bounty Hunters)
Having watched Cowboy Bebop many years ago I remember well how much I enjoyed the premise.  With a new live action Cowboy Bebop coming out later this month I am rewatching the '98 animated series and movie on Netflix.

This now has me hoping to find a gm willing to provide a game for a crew of space bounty hunters, either in the cowboy Bebop universe or Serenity universe or something similar.

I am also a huge Firefly/Serenity fan.

I don't know what system would be best.  I have read that Skum and Villainy was made with Cowboy Bebop in mind.  I can see the Serenity RPG working as well... There may be others.  I am willing to learn a new system. With 30+ years rpg'ing I've played a lot of different systems and pick them up pretty easily.

Fingers crossed this gets picked up.

EDIT: I just came across an old Serenity character I used years ago.  She was the Captain of a ship.  She would make for an excellent Bounty Hunter... More of a Samurai Cowboy... I would actually make her a man loosely based after "The Hero" from Red Steel 2 video game.

So, Serentiy RPG would be my preference (could easily freeform her) but ultimately will play whatever ruleset a potential GM is willing to run.)

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Tue 9 Nov 2021
at 13:34
Seeking Cowboy Bebop/Serenity-like (Sci-Fi Bounty Hunters)
I am still looking for a GM who can provide a Cowboy Bebop feeling game.

The system would be GM's choice.

Systems that might work but not limited to:

- Serenity RPG

- Bounty Head Bebop (OGL - free to download)

- Skum and Villainy (downloadable and permissions granted to make copies for personal use)

- Traveller 2E

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Tue 16 Nov 2021
at 15:38
Seeking Cowboy Bebop/Serenity-like (Sci-Fi Bounty Hunters)
So I have found a GM willing to run something along these lines using mongoose Traveller 2e.

If there is another GM interested in running something along this lines using Serenity RPG I'd still be interested.