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Sun 2 Jan 2022
at 07:22
The Starship Warden......Meta Alpha

 I ran across an old game in my attic, a few days ago. It was TSR'S Metamorosis Alpha. It brought back happy memories of gaming days of yore.

 Might there be someone out there with a copy of the rules, and would be interested in  being a GM of this wonderful game.

 Thank you, and happy new year.

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Sun 2 Jan 2022
at 15:48
The Starship Warden......Meta Alpha
I too have fond memories of that game. I have a copy of revamp of it from 2015 that I haven't really dug into.
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Sun 2 Jan 2022
at 18:47
The Starship Warden......Meta Alpha
I've never played the original, but I did get the more recent version during a sale, and it would be nice to give it a go as a player.