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Seeking particular setting/concept play
Hello all!

Some updates, since it is good practice when bumping. (And deleting some 'bump' posts, for clarity.)

At the moment, it is only system-based games that are attractive to me, rather than freeform gaming, and specific systems at that, either because I know them well, or want to try a particular concept within the framework of that particular game.

What interests me most are, in no particular order, the following:

1. AD&D or 5th edition D&D (or perhaps even some other rule system?):
A Nordic-setting game. I am not entirely certain what would be the best venue for this. I know AD&D had the green Vikings book, and 5E has had a Norse setting. Experiencing the Norse/Viking setting is the primary draw for me, so a game that hews as closely possible to the lore and setting would be best. While I am attracted to the thought of playing a shieldmaiden with ambitions to one day become a Valkyrie (or as close as possible), since the setting is what is most compelling, character type is again flexible here.

2. Vampire the Masquerade:
I was thinking of a Malkavian perhaps with histrionic personality disorder but am flexible on this. Ideally, she would have to build up from as close to nothing as possible. Someone completely new to the city, so no power base or allies to start (other than that based on her clan or the Camarilla, but no ~personal~ relations), and having to build those relationships and create her own power blocs from scratch would be a very enticing way to start. This is flexible, of course.

3. Big Eyes, Small Mouth:
The Sailor Moon or El Hazard settings. ^_^
Games placed directly in those settings would be the most ideal, but ones that reflect that kind of spirit would also be fine.

4. DC Heroes (Mayfair)/Blood of Heroes:
I have several thoughts, and could tailor them to the games level of power. The only point that I do prefer is a relatively normal setting resembling Earth (with supers, although they can be the first of their kind or well established), as opposed to playing in an apocalyptic or other such setting.

5. D&D 3rd edition:
I am interested in playing a succubus from the Savage Species rulebook, which is nice since they scale them down for lower-level play. I understand that they do fall pretty far behind on power when higher levels are reached, but power level is not something I am concerned about at all. I had started to play this concept in a game elsewhere, but unfortunately, it ended when the DM disappeared. (My character had pretended to be a bard during the game, and none of the other PCs caught on). So, trying something like this again in a lasting game would be interesting. It could be either a continuation of that character or playing one brand new one that fits into your game world better- either would be fine. There is lots of flexibility on my part on this one in terms of alignment, goals, rating, etc.
I am currently playing in a game like this, but would not be averse to doing so in another game (or perhaps even in another game system!). It would be a different setting, set-up, and character, so there would be more than enough separation.

Posting- I tend to check in daily and am able to respond several times a week. But a slower paced game is absolutely fine as well- a good game at one post a week would be just as much a joy to play.

Rating- Any rating is fine with me if it fits the game and concept. A vampire or succubus character would work better in a mature/adult game, while Sailor Moon probably would not! ^_^;

Group or Solo- Either one is perfectly fine with me, since all of these concepts can be played just as well in groups or one-one-one. Even Sailor Moon… while the Senshi are ideal together, Sailor Venus did have a solo career as Sailor V first!

If this piques any interest from anyone, then initial responses through rmail or here are both fine. Rmail would be best though, both to allow workshopping and to keep this thread as succinct as possible in accordance with the forum rules.

Thank you!

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Seeking particular setting/concept play

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Tue 19 Apr 2022
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Seeking particular setting/concept play
I'm at my limit on running games right now, but I would certainly join in on a 5E Nordic campaign. I'm not big on the other settings, so I would bow out for those, but I know we have fans of all systems here, who would join in.
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Wed 20 Apr 2022
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Seeking particular setting/concept play
Did someone mention Sailor Moon and BESM?! I'd be down with that if any GMs were interested! Magical girls represent~
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Sat 7 May 2022
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Seeking particular setting/concept play

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Seeking particular setting/concept play

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Seeking particular setting/concept play

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Seeking particular setting/concept play

And some updates in the first post.