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Tue 26 Apr 2022
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D&D 3.5 level 3 gestalt - Gladiators gain their freedom
I am looking for a GM for level 3 gestalt game centered around a group of gladiators.

Not one where players fight other players (the "Arena" style of game) but rather one where the GM NPC's the Gladiator's Master/Trainer/retired gladiator (think Antonius Proximo from the movie Gladiator) while all of the players are gladiators under his 'care/oversight'.  We don't fight each other, but instead we travel from city to city and fight against other gladiators, animals, and/or monsters (some times solo, other times as a duo or team).  In this world dead gladiators are restored back to life to fight again.

At some point early in the game, a war starts and the kingdom is threatened (and possibly the threat is even, and the gladiators are commissioned by the king/kingdom to put an end to the threat and if successful, would gain their freedom.  The GM's NPC would oversee them during this mission and perhaps the gladiators are made to wear some sort of magical neck manacle that will kill them (or send them to another plane of existence) if they desert their mission.


1) Looking for combatants not casters (though, maybe one of the novice clerics that tend to the wounded and assists with the resurrecting of the dead gladiators joins them).  This translates to no full caster classes for the gladiators themselves: wizard, sorcerer, cleric, druids (except perhaps a spell-less druid focused on animal companion/wildshaping), etc. Partial casters would be fine (ie: paladin, ranger, warlock, etc)

2) I'm not just looking for a combat heavy campaign, but also opportunity for character development, some mystery, politics/intrigue, and any other gaming component you may want to include.

3) Use of Monster classes (ie: Savage Species); allowing their racial HD and LA to gestalt.

4) Access to most game books, but beyond core, if too many source books is a concern, perhaps a limit of material from no more than 4-5 sources of each players choosing.

5) A generous attribute point-buy would be desired (these are peak specimens); perhaps 36-40 (but our gladiator opponents would also be 'peak specimens').

6) character's would  have magic items (as per the starting wealth for a 3rd level character); in the arena's the waiting areas are antimagic fields and are taken from them when they leave the arena, but would work upon entering the arena to use against their opponents.

7) the idea of gladiators is very Dark Sun-esque (though I don't want to be limited to Dark Sun races; so a homebrew world or possibly even Faerun/Forgotten Realms would likely work best.

I'll be playing a Kyton (so lots of muscle/melee); would be nice to see someone with some ranged capabilities, someone with some leadership skills, and a stealthy rogue/assassin type.

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Sat 30 Apr 2022
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D&D 3.5 level 3 gestalt - Gladiators gain their freedom
I'm always up for another game with you! Count me interested.
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Thu 12 May 2022
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D&D 3.5 level 3 gestalt - Gladiators gain their freedom
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Fri 13 May 2022
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D&D 3.5 level 3 gestalt - Gladiators gain their freedom
Count me interested too.