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Tue 10 May 2022
at 23:20
Opportunity for DND 3.5 Shadowcaster
Hey there,

Essentially I've wanted to play a Shadowcaster from the Tome of Magic supplement for ages, and never had the chance to. I don't have a particular character concept in mind, nor really a preferred setting; just looking to play a weirdo class that seems interesting and under-used.

My only requirements are that I'd probably like the suggested fixes to be applied; notoriously much of the material from ToM was never properly playtested, and the class is rather weak as a result. The creator of the class, Ari Marmell, proposed some fixes which bring it more in line with the power level of other classes. Additionally, I think I'd like a mid or high level game, just to get an idea of the range of abilities of the class.
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Wed 11 May 2022
at 01:33
Opportunity for DND 3.5 Shadowcaster
I would like to extend an invitation to you and your character.

I have no issues with the changes proposed to shadow crafter class

But first some disclosures (that have been deal breakers for some players)
  1. the game is adult rated, because of fantasy violence and scenes that depict war and social injustices.
  2. the game is run at lvl 16 (gestalt) ...and that is only the first level up in a campaign that could go to a level 3X that high.
  3. the players in the game are power gaming (some harder then others), and for very good reason...that can be explained if you choose to join.
  4. real world ethics/morality and your roleplay have a HEAVY influence on your character's (current) alignment.
  5. not all enemies are "bad guys"...and not all "bad guys" have an evil alignment.
  6. role play is the MOST important, but roll-play come first, because you cant describe what success or failure looks like until you know if you have succeeded or failed.
  7. a character is not broken, just because the player found a way to be exempt from a rule that applies to "everyone".

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