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Sat 14 May 2022
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dnd 3.5 half blood adventurers!
I found a lovely template bloodline on Giant in the playground, and as a Percy Jackson fan, I thought I'd suggest it here.  Using the half blood bloodline, a party of adventurers that are all demigods, going out into the big mean world of forgotten realms, eberron, greyhawk or any really to prove themselves.  Each player having a different divine parent and thus different domains that they gain access to on the template.

1 Skill 1 +2
2  Domain, DP=2, 1st
3 Ability 1 +1
4 Electricity Resistance 5
5 Divine Affinity +2
6 DP=6, 2nd
7 Skill 2 +2
8 Cold Resistance 5
9 Ability 2 +1
10 Domain, DP=10, 3rd
11 Divine Affinity +4
12 Acid Resistance 5
13 Skill 3 +2
14 DP=14, 4th
15 Ability 3 +1
16 Natural Armor +1
17 Divine Affinity +6
18 Domain, DP=18, 5th
19 Skill 4 +2
20 DR 5/Epic

Skills 1-4 +2: +2 bonus to a skill corresponding to your parent deity (Hephaestus=Craft, Athena=Knowledge, Zeus=Intimidate, etc.). Choose a different skill each time, using common sense. If you're taking a Major Bloodline, you may start getting bonuses in some skills that may not be immediately recognized as being tied to your deity. That's okay. Try to pick ones that fit when possible though.

Domain: Choose one of your god's domains. You gain the granted ability as a cleric of 1/4, 1/2, or 1X your level, depending on the bloodline strength and may cast a number of spells from this domain as a cleric of this level. You can cast a number of domain spells whose total level does not exceed your daily DP and which are of an appropriate level (As stated each time DP is increased). Saves are Charisma based. To cast one of these spells, you need a Cha of 10+Spell Level/2. 8 hours of rest regenerate DP. These spells are cast spontaneously. These spells do allow you to qualify for any prestige classes. You may choose a new domain each time "Domain" is listed in your bonuses for a given level. DP is shared among all domain spells. When you cast domain spells, your daily reserve goes down by a number equal to the level of the spell which you just cast. You may not cast a spell if you don't have enough DP remaining. And in case anyone is curious, DP=Divine Power.

The Sun Domain gives you normal Cleric turning 1/day instead of a Greater Turning. All Turnings from Domain Abilities are as if you were a Cleric of either 1/4, 1/2, or 1X your character level, depending upon your bloodline strength. If you have a domain which adds a skill to your skill list that is already there, instead you gain a +2 bonus to that skill.

Abilities 1-3 +1: Choose an ability that makes sense for your deity. (Artemis=Int, Aphrodite=Cha, Ares=Str, etc.). When in doubt, use their highest score from Deities and Demigods, if you have it and if said deity is featured there. Choose a different ability each time. DM gets final say, as always.

Divine Affinity: You gain this number as a bonus to all interaction checks made with deities, Half-gods, or the like (Intimidate, Bluff, Sense Motive, Diplomacy, etc.). You'll likely be needing this... Added bonus: You gain this bonus on interaction checks with devout worshipers of your parent, but they get a similar bonus on Knowledge (Religion) checks to recognize you as the child of their patron.

anyone interested?
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Sat 14 May 2022
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dnd 3.5 half blood adventurers!
It... is a very powerful template. It must have a high LA.
Not wanting to let you down or something, but it is very hard to find GMs willing to play high level games with 3rd party books.
Perhaps we can start with the god-blooded template from MMV. Also, take a look at
There is a feat there that can be adapted for non-epic games.

I would love to play with you in such game, but I think you may consider to be open to some variants to make it easier to find GMs.
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Sat 14 May 2022
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dnd 3.5 half blood adventurers!
What might be interesting for your game concept is a Pathfinder game using a gestalt, where one half of the gestalt uses one of the Godling classes from Rogue Genius?
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Sun 15 May 2022
at 00:17
dnd 3.5 half blood adventurers!
kark its a bloodline, meaning it has a level adjustment spent over several levels.  Also the design isn't mine, I just copied it here.  Bloodlines are covered in unearthed arcana.
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Sun 15 May 2022
at 13:06
dnd 3.5 half blood adventurers!
No Bloodline in UA grants spellcasting. How many levels does the demigod bloodline has? I mean not even the Dragon Bloodlines in UA grant spellcasting and they have 3 levels.

Nevermind, here is the thread in GitP for any GM interested.

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