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Wed 15 Jun 2022
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The Dark Lord Rises! (Solo Godbound game)
In an age of adventure, eager mercenaries, noble knights, devout disciples, and scholarly sages ply their skill with sword and sorcery for coin. With bright hearts, they delve into ancient tombs, battle back dark cults, and gather together in taverns to share a frothy drink when the job is done . . . but there are many dark corners to the world. Countless cycles have left untold kingdoms buried beneath the earth, shadows and fragments vanished beneath the turning of the wheel of ages. In the deepest crypts, in catacomb cities yet undisturbed, an ancient evil stirs, and their covetous heart yearns to taste the light once more . . .

* * * *

The recent release of the 5e stats for Vecna as well as rewatching some of the anime "Overlord" has me itching to try a concept I'd come up with a while ago. I rarely get a chance to play anymore, and in truth, my job has ruined conventional play for me in some ways. See, I'm a professional dungeon master, and I spend all my time creating dark plots and dangerous foes for my players to face, giving them overwhelming odds all the while, secretly rooting for them to come out victorious. It's great fun, and I love giving them these stories . . . but sometimes, I want to win, too. Which is where this idea comes in.

I want to play an ancient lich returned to the world after being vanquished decades, if not centuries ago. Whether or not I'm literally playing Vecna (though I wouldn't mind it . . . his new design is so stylish) or not isn't really the point. I want to play carefully at first, reaching out in the shadows to build my power, avoiding the attention of whatever greater powers remain in the world as I gather my strength again, perhaps reclaiming my artifacts already pillaged from my lair and rebuilding the dark forces that were scattered to the winds . . . all until I'm finally prepared to launch my dark assault on the world at large again.

Let's get to some details then, shall we?

  1. What I'm looking for is probably a solo game. I'm willing to consider small group, but I don't think it's the best fit. Frankly, I want to be a bit spoiled for attention in this.

  2. I want this to be a system game, not freeform. I've done my fair share of freeform roleplaying and had great fun with it, but that's not what I'm after right now. Mechanically, though, this needs to be something that can handle this sort of concept. I was thinking Godbound, personally, though I'm open to other suggestions.

  3. This sort of story is definitely going to demand me being proactive, but it's also going to likely need a good sandbox to play in. I'm looking for someone willing and excited to play in a Forgotten Realms-like setting (Or Greyhawk or whatever) and help me set up the pieces so we can have fun knocking them all down together!

I recognize this is all pretty specific. I'm more than happy to take some time looking for the right fit. If you're interested, or you'd like to just talk to me more about the concept, rMail is likely the best way to reach me. I'll check back on this thread periodically, but without notifications, I probably won't see it as quickly.

Love (in darkness!)

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Sun 26 Jun 2022
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Vecna Rises! (Solo Godbound game)
Bump. I'm still very much looking for the opportunity to play an evil arch-lich scheming to accumulate magical knowledge and lore and destroy the world of man.
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Mon 15 Aug 2022
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Vecna Rises! (Solo Godbound game)
Bumping to continue the search