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Mon 23 Jan 2023
at 19:51
Pathfinder 2E
Keeping out of the "politics" involved, I figured that with the increase in Pathfinder 2E after events with Hasbro, WOTC,and D&D, that now might be as good a time as any to see if anyone would be interested in running a game.

I would ordinarily try to run one myself, if not for the other games I'm already handling.
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Tue 24 Jan 2023
at 03:36
Pathfinder 2E
I am currently learning the rules to run a home game myself so would appreciate playing in a game for noobs here on RPOL if someone wishes to run something.
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Wed 25 Jan 2023
at 14:06
Pathfinder 2E
I'd be interested as well.
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Fri 27 Jan 2023
at 00:01
Pathfinder 2E
I also would gladly play if someone will GM!