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Mon 6 Mar 2023
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The land of Greyhawk

 I have a character that I would love to  rp again. His name is Devereck the Large. He is a 2nd level fighter, that joined the Mercenary guild, once his hitch was up in the Greyhawk Militia.

 He is  the son of a Blacksmith, from the city of Greyhawk, so he is very muscular and the odd feature is he has no body hair except eyebrows. There was jest that Hhe he had Ogre blood in his past. But such mirth usually resuled in a sore jaw.

Devereck is C.Good and Worships Tritherion.

His personality Is he good natured and likes to share a tankard with friends. Deverick does not make friends with ease. But once he has befriended someone, it is loyalty unto death.

 The game he was in ended a couple of years ago, but I have an itch to dust Devereck off again.
  I hope there is a potential DM out there that might be interested in taking Dev on as a character. It would be great for Greyhawk, but any world is fine.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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