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06:02, 24th July 2024 (GMT+0)

[Solo freeform] Defiance of the Fall.

Posted by Imladir
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Sat 8 Jun 2024
at 11:47
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[Solo freeform] Defiance of the Fall

Hey there,

Defiance of the Fall is a novel published on Royal Road (most of it now on Kindle):
It’s in both the System Apocalypse and Cultivation genres, with a huge universe, complex factions, a system that’s relatively simple mechanically but offering infinite possibilities.
Thankfully, it has a wiki that’s very well maintained, covering pretty much anything that would need to be known:

I played in that universe for a time, but the GM had to drop for health issues, and…I’d really like to get a new game going (not getting the old one back, that wouldn’t be fair) so I’m looking for someone who’d be willing to give it a go.

As a player, I like to see my characters evolve (as a person, in the world / universe, not 'just' in power), and I’m very proactive for that: give me a framework, some hooks, and I’ll be more than happy to explore it all, make my own plans, etc.

Considering how complex it can all be, I am more than willing to participate in setting things up: factions, other species and so on.
In fact, I’ve been writing the Tutorial for my character as a sort of 'extended background': it defines some things (that can of course be tweaked) such as the other species now on the merged world, but more importantly it details my character’s path in Cultivation (while going over what it all means). Nothing too far reaching, but the initial class / skills / dao: it can be a bit daunting for a GM to assign it all after all, much easier for everyone to have a clear path to forge on.
Plus, it’s just a month long setting, there’d be no real advantage for a GM to spend time focusing on that when the real interest is what’s waiting after that.

If you’d like to discuss this, don’t hesitate to contact me via rMail!

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Sat 15 Jun 2024
at 16:17
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[Solo freeform] Defiance of the Fall

To the top you go!
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Sun 23 Jun 2024
at 09:58
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[Solo freeform] Defiance of the Fall

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Sun 30 Jun 2024
at 17:49
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[Solo freeform] Defiance of the Fall

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