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11:42, 22nd July 2024 (GMT+0)

Exalted Essence or Godbound.

Posted by Norwood
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Fri 21 Jun 2024
at 02:31
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Exalted Essence or Godbound

The title says most of it, but to elaborate a bit, I'd really love to find a game of either Exalted: Essence or Godbound to play in. I've been craving a bit of mythic fantasy recently, and I'd savor the chance to play a larger than life character and get to flex some of that awesome power, but also to deal with the more introspective and character defining consequences of power and what it does to a person and their life. I'd like to both fight awesome battles but also see the consequences of my actions and the actions of others like me. I'm open to both solo stories or (preferably smallish) groups. If a potential GM is familiar with the sorts of games, characters, and stories the above entail but would be more comfortable in a different system, I'm open to discussing it in Rmail, though I'd prefer something that doesn't get too crunchy, just because of the realities of play-by-post format. I could, for instance, see FATE or something similar working for this.

I am particularly interested in a game/story that deals with the difficult interplay between people and spirits, whether those are gods and monsters or ghosts and the walking dead. Both games do a great job at positioning the exalted/godbound to be potential bridges between these worlds, and I think it'd be especially fun to explore what that role means in a fantasy setting.

Anyway, if this sort of idea catches anyone's interest and they'd like to poke me about the specific sorts of characters and premises I'd be interested in more specifically, feel free to reach out directly and ask me.
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