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06:47, 24th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Wide-eyed gnome looking for adventure.

Posted by Ventrikel
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Wed 26 Jun 2024
at 07:35
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Wide-eyed gnome looking for adventure

The goblins sizzled as my magics caught their retreating bodies- NO, that is not the tone I want. Let’s see…
Today, I encountered monsters of a species as of yet undiscovered - green, about normal sized and standing on two legs, with ears large as a second pair of arms and with sharp teeth lining their wide smiles. … …
Who am I kidding?! I have nothing to tell the world. Tiarra, the gray gnome. Tiarra the boring. Tiarra the bleachling soon-to-be. Oh how I wish for an adventure rather than just another decent dinner and a room in an inn.

Wide-eyed gnome sorcerer looking for an adventure. Something cozy perhaps, at least to begin with, something with that real adventure feel. I can commit to stick around for a long time if you can.
I’m familiar with and would like to play either of the pathfinders, 5E, I could also be persuaded to transform Tiarra into a character in some Swedish RPG or something else. Open to discussion and suggestions.
member, 24 posts
Wed 10 Jul 2024
at 18:08
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Wide-eyed gnome looking for adventure

I’d prefer to play solo (controlling one or two characters) or with only a few other players (1-3 group size + GM?). Posting from a couple of times per week to a couple of times per day, depending on fit and real life circumstances. I’m just longing for that adventure feel. I GM a lot myself, nowadays not on rpol but I used to. With a couple of small kids I can’t really commit to GMing here right now, so I need a game to be the player in :D
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