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05:22, 24th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Looking for Marvel Multiverse RPG.

Posted by tmagann
member, 975 posts
Sat 29 Jun 2024
at 01:49
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Looking for Marvel Multiverse RPG

I got a copy of the book a couple months back, and I've played around with some character builds, but I would like a game to try one or more of them out in.
member, 305 posts
Sat 29 Jun 2024
at 22:23
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Looking for Marvel Multiverse RPG

And the X-Men expansion comes out soon too. Could be fun to find a GM willing to run something.
Bod Man
member, 422 posts
Sun 30 Jun 2024
at 17:27
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Looking for Marvel Multiverse RPG

I’d be in as a player on this one!
Bod Man
member, 424 posts
Mon 1 Jul 2024
at 03:16
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Looking for Marvel Multiverse RPG

I had a wacky idea based on the Star Wars Lego Galaxy Rebuilt show that’s coming out soon.

Popped it into chat gpt and I think as a starting point it might be interesting.

### The Premise
In a cosmic accident caused by a clash between the powers of the Infinity Stones and a reality-warping event by the Scarlet Witch, the Marvel Universe has been reshuffled. Heroes and villains have new identities, alliances, and even powers, creating a universe where nothing is as it seems.

### Characters

#### Captain America (Steve Rogers)
- **New Identity:** Captain Hydra
- **Backstory:** In this reality, Steve Rogers was brainwashed by Hydra and now leads them, believing he is fighting for a twisted sense of justice.
- **Powers:** Super Soldier Serum, strategic genius, and wields a shield emblazoned with the Hydra symbol.

#### Iron Man (Tony Stark)
- **New Identity:** The Iron Sorcerer
- **Backstory:** Tony Stark merged with the mystical powers of Doctor Strange after a failed experiment with arcane technology.
- **Powers:** Combines advanced technology with sorcery, wielding tech-enhanced magical artifacts.

#### Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
- **New Identity:** Arachnid Knight
- **Backstory:** Raised by the League of Assassins after being bitten by a mystical spider, Peter Parker now operates as a lethal vigilante.
- **Powers:** Enhanced agility, strength, and senses; trained in martial arts and stealth.

#### Thor (Thor Odinson)
- **New Identity:** Thunder Hulk
- **Backstory:** After an experiment with gamma radiation, Thor now shares the Hulk's rage and strength, transforming into a hulking thunder god.
- **Powers:** Godly strength, control over thunder and lightning, and the ability to transform into a Hulk-like beast.

#### Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)
- **New Identity:** Widow Panther
- **Backstory:** Natasha Romanoff was trained in Wakanda, merging her spy skills with the Black Panther's legacy.
- **Powers:** Enhanced agility, strength, and senses, and wields vibranium weapons.

#### The Hulk (Bruce Banner)
- **New Identity:** Gamma Ghost
- **Backstory:** Bruce Banner gained the ability to phase through objects and become intangible after an experiment with quantum particles.
- **Powers:** Intangibility, gamma radiation manipulation, and retains Hulk's strength when solid.

#### Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange)
- **New Identity:** The Time Tech
- **Backstory:** Stephen Strange turned to technology after losing his magical abilities, creating devices that mimic his former powers.
- **Powers:** Advanced technological gadgets that manipulate time and space.

### Villains

#### Thanos
- **New Identity:** Iron Fist of Chaos
- **Backstory:** Thanos acquired the Iron Fist's powers and now seeks to impose his chaotic vision of balance through martial arts and mystical energy.
- **Powers:** Chi manipulation, superhuman strength, and master martial artist.

#### Loki
- **New Identity:** Loki Stark
- **Backstory:** Loki merged with an alternate reality Tony Stark, combining mischief with genius-level intellect.
- **Powers:** Advanced technology, illusion casting, and manipulation.

#### Magneto (Erik Lehnsherr)
- **New Identity:** The Crimson Magnet
- **Backstory:** Magneto now possesses the Scarlet Witch's reality-warping abilities in addition to his control over magnetism.
- **Powers:** Reality manipulation, control over magnetic fields, and telekinesis.

#### Red Skull (Johann Schmidt)
- **New Identity:** Skull Sorcerer
- **Backstory:** Red Skull became a master of the dark arts, seeking to dominate the world through magical means.
- **Powers:** Dark magic, necromancy, and summoning demonic entities.

### Storyline

In this mixed-up Marvel Universe, the heroes must navigate new identities and powers while facing reimagined villains. The central plot revolves around a cosmic artifact known as the **Reality Shard**, a remnant of the event that reshuffled their universe. Both heroes and villains race to obtain the Reality Shard, which has the potential to restore their original identities or reshape the universe even further.

The **Avengers** must unite, despite their changed circumstances, to prevent the villains from using the Reality Shard for nefarious purposes. Along the way, they face moral dilemmas, unexpected alliances, and the challenge of accepting their new selves while striving to protect a world that no longer recognizes them.

### Key Locations

#### New Asgard
- A city where Thor and the Asgardians have settled, now enhanced with gamma radiation technology.

#### Stark Sanctum
- A fusion of Tony Stark's technology and Doctor Strange's sanctum, serving as a hub for magical and technological advancements.

#### Wakandan Widow
- A hidden Wakandan training ground where Black Widow was trained in the ways of the Black Panther.

#### Hydra America
- A dystopian America under the rule of Captain Hydra, where Hydra's ideology prevails.

This mixed-up Marvel Universe offers endless possibilities for storytelling, character development, and epic battles, blending familiar elements with creative new twists.
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