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06:07, 24th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Some DnD chars I would like to play.

Posted by Azraile
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Thu 4 Jul 2024
at 08:19
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Some DnD chars I would like to play

One 3.5 and the other 5e

BrightWing was a 3.5 char I had set up but didn't get to play. U.U The general idea though is a Tressym mage with a mutation to have Polydactylism on the forepaws alowing him to grasp things with his paws. I was going to work out a way for him to give him some inate ability to use mage hand or telekinisis or something so he can use magic items though and manipulate things easier with the item (one being special of corse so the mage hand acts like it was his own hand).... that or just could bring something over to let him touch it if a wand or something idk... and he was made for the spelljamer setting so thought it would be cool if he was exsperemented on to be part stardragon to be the perfect familar.

Could talk about it and work something out though for other settings. I mainly thought it would be cute to have a stupid weak breath attack that did like nothing and be a glowing cat that left startdust everywhere they went. (yet is still some how stealthy when they want to be because cat)

And I think the RP would be interesting due to how diffrient Tressym culture is to humanoid ones.... I mean they are just animals basical.... very very very smart animals, but animals none the less.

The other char I had as an idea for 5e that started out as just a funny idea as having a gobblin swinging around a masive sword like 3 times his size being a warlock/paladin hexblade that works out with letting you have the pact weapon that uses charisma instead of strength so he could be a tinny little thing with a hudge weapon to big to wield normaly because he's using magic and it appears and disapears when it would be to big to swing right.

Then I started looking into the goblin god and WOW .... just WOW....  not only do they suck but they arn't even the goblins true god, he killed and ate them >.<

So I got the idea of a goblin that was a loyal palidin to his gods before he looked a little to deep into about his god and the past and learned the truth.... who the REAL goblin gods are, and what happens to goblins die.... and was not to pleased, letting everyone know that there god was a false god and he stole there souls to fight in his eternal war for the domination of hell. YAh, so he had his powers striped and became a level 1 oathbraker and now has a pact with the raven queen.  (if your going with the one that is lord of death) That she will help him find a way to kill his god and the goblin patheon of betryaers who have sided with him and maybe one day even ether become a god himself or find a way to make another more fitting gobblin a new goblin god. But to give his people a place in the afterlife and a god to watch over them that CARED about them. He just had to be loyal to her, those he killed would be clamed by her to judge where they whent in the afterlife, though he had requisted this for goblins she insists for everyone he kills with his hexblade. IF he ever becomes god of the goblins the goblins will serve her, and serve death. (meaning goblins would shift from evil to nutral)

So he would be an evil being serving a nutral god. While a little murder grimlin with all the more reason to be a murder grimlin, he's to smart to be a murder hobo. He KNOWS he has to be stronger and needs to work with adventures to get stronger.

So he don't have to be in an evil game he can be in a good game.... though he will do evil things and need to be rained in and told... HEY NO you can't do that!!!!  Can't think of a way to avoid him not trying kill steal sentient beings in a fight once he gets his hex blade though unless why he is an adventure is talked about before hand and this is discussed and some compromise is reached or he is convened not all gods are assholes damning people to hell and some races are happy to go to there god and sending them to the raven queen instead would make them sad.

He's not an JERK evil.... he's a selfish for himself and his people evil...  so if you can convence him what he's doing is bad he will listen, after all setting down the law of kicking him out means no growing stronger.
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Thu 4 Jul 2024
at 08:42
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Some DnD chars I would like to play

(had to edit because was braking a rule, sorry)  x.x
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