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Wanted - GMs Rules
This forum is for players who wish to either locate a GM for a game they want to play (but aren't in yet) and or for GMs of existing games to advertise for co-GMs.  Wanted - GMs is a moderated forum, and all posts here are subject to RPoL's Public Forum Rules, as well as the rules outlined in this post.

Note that due to heavy traffic here, Bump Calming is in effect.  This means that no matter how many replies are made to a thread, it will only be "bumped" to the top of the forum once per week, maximum, and this is the only time a New Message Indicator (NMI) will show for that thread.  If you are interested in a thread, be sure to check it regularly rather than relying upon its NMI to tell you when replies have been made.  If you reply to a thread and do not see it bumped, then your reply was too early.

  1. This forum is only for users looking for GMs for games that are (or will be) hosted on RPoL.  If you would like a GM for a game elsewhere, please use the Offsite Gaming forum.

  2. Do not request to be contacted by email or otherwise offsite. You should check back here regularly for replies.

  3. Provide a link to your game if you are seeking a co-GM.  Only GMs may post ads for co-GMs, which means you need to already have a board going so that potential GMs can contact you there.    Replies and inquiries should be made in your game, not in this forum.

  4. Only GMs of games may advertise for existing games here.  Players may never, for any reason, advertise for GMs for existing games in this forum as players have no means of adding GMs to games.

  5. Do not advertise for players here.  Use the Wanted - Players forum to advertise for players for existing games.  If you need to see if people are interested in a particular game concept you intend to GM, or if you're looking for help refining a game topic try the Game Proposals, Input, & Advice forum.  Any post which does not seem to solely be about finding a GM in this forum can be removed at moderator discretion: it is the poster's responsibility to be clear about what they're seeking.

  6. Do not mention games -- in any way -- that you do not personally GM.  Those who do will be banned from the forum pending an rMail to the moderators highlighting their understanding of this rule.

  7. Do not advertise to someone who is already in your game. If the original poster is already in your game, you may not offer your game in their thread.

  8. Advertise within reason. You may only post an ad for any specific game you GM three times in a 24-hour period.  Never post about your game more than once to the same thread, and never advertise your game to someone unless it fits their request (if you have to say, "This isn't what you asked for but..." then do not post).

  9. Never tell a user to search, browse, or hunt for a game.  Users always have the option to search or browse to find what they want; they're here because they either don't want to, or because they didn't find what they wanted when they did.

  10. Threads here must remain on topic and as succinct as possible.  Once a GM or game has been found, move game all workshopping, detailing, and character creation to the game itself.  While some minor discussion of game mechanics and such may be tolerated here, threads need to remain as short as possible, giving potential GMs an idea of what is wanted, but not setting the game's every detail.  Do not use this forum to choose character races/classes, &c., to "call" characters, or to do any detailing that should be done with a GM in the game itself.  Posts of this nature will be removed.

  11. If you are posting about an Adult or Mature game, you must indicate the game's rating in your post.   Even if the thread is requesting adult or mature games, ads for and invitations to Adult games which are not clear on the game's rating will be removed with no exceptions.

If you have started a thread to ask for a game, please feel free to post a reply at the end of it letting us moderators know you have found the game you seek and that we may close the thread.  This helps us keep things tidy.

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