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The Ancient Wonders of the World (Prologue)
Situated at the most northern portion of the Border Kingdoms where La Foudre River meets the open sea lies the city of Port Dagobert.  Founded by a Gomish explorer, Joen Velou Cartieer, it is the oldest colony/city in the boarder kingdoms.  Its location and size make it the 2nd largest City in the region with a population of up to a 6000 people. Still held as a colony of Goh its expansion is well funded and under the protection of The Dutcy of Chilperic. Its a Port town that is fashioned after Gnomish design and while the influx of human and elvish traders have been accepted its common to find some of the older places that have second set of larger doors for it's non-gnomish patrons.

Port Dagobert is seated in the wide plain that moves into the Lands of Sand, while not overly fertile grasslands, the seasonal flooding allow for a bountiful but short harvest. Port Dagobert survives as a traders hub. Trading good from the lands of sands, and Asropa, along with being the only sanctioned trading port of exports out of Goh.

Port Dagobert is a mixture of frontier feel with Gnomish stability.  Fantastic architecture contrast with an ever expanding slums moving further and further away from the river and the coast.

Coming in from the merchant's road the group has just completed a half year long tour of trade routes from Goh, through the lands of sand, and are now ending their contact in Port Dagobert.

While the heat has been a constant companion, the addition of moisture is something new.  The thick summer heat, is made more oppressive by the pungent smells of the pack animals and the huge bat the you all pull in a cart.

While today sees the closure of one chapter in the lives of Fang Naguyet, Mazad Fall'aah'zadeh, Petra Sommerfeld, and Sonia Leroux it also marks a new beginning.
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Fri 7 Aug 2015
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Re: The Ancient Wonders of the World (Prologue)
Mazad woke with a start as he heard muffled whispers coming from the other side of the inn room he shared.

"Get down here you mangy flea-bitten rodent! Don't you give me that look! I know what you did and you know what you did. You've been going through my supplies again, haven't you. You put that down right now! I said GET DOWN!"

The whispers turned into shouts and Mazad jolted out of bed to see his diminutive teammate arguing, once again, with his pet bat. The bat was still perched overhead, hanging upside down from one of the ceiling rafters while the tiny goblin tried futility to jump and grab at the large bat's head. Even if Fang could reach that high, which he couldn't, the bat could easily just pull itself higher up and out of his reach. Mazad couldn't help but smile and propped himself up on his bed to watch the entertainment unfold. He watched the goblin jump and miss a few more times before a chuckle escaped his lips.

The goblin spun around and put his hands behind his back and began to whistle as if everything was perfectly fine.

"Oh nothing, nothing at all. You know, just going over strategy with Horsey."

Mazad looked up at the bat and stared. The bat had <i>something in its mouth. Nobs followed Mazad's line of sight and the calm facade shattered.

"Hey squire, no need to worry about that. Horsey would never drop a bomb on you while you're sleeping."

"Mazad, for the last time. I'm not your...wait did you say he has a BOMB!?"

"Just a little one! Plus he's too stupid to know how to arm it. You see you have to..."

Overhead the bat seemed to glare at Fang and shifted its jaws and there was an audible click that sounded through the silence. Fang glanced up in terror and then looked nervously back at Mazad as he tugged at his collar with one hooked finger.

"Uhhh... why don't you go out and make sure everyone else is ready to go. Get the gear in order, pay the innkeeper. You know, squire-ly stuff."

"Fang, I'm not your squire. And we already paid for the rooms."

Overhead the bat shifted it's grip on the device in its mouth and for a brief second it looked like the bomb would fall and smash into the center of the room. Fang started sweating bullets.

" know just in case the innkeeper decides she didn't charge us enough...or for fire damages..."

Mazad rolled his eyes and reached up for the bat but the bat glared again and dropped the device, only to quickly snatch it out of the air. Mazad quickly pulled his hands back, message received loud and clear.

"Yeah...maybe I will go do...squire-y stuff. Perhaps our female companions need assistance, hmmm?"

Mazad dashed as fast as his elven feet would carry him out of the room even as Fang let out a shriek as the bat once again tossed and caught the bomb in its mouth for a second time.

In the next room, Sonia woke to the sight of Petra kneeling and quietly praying to her god for guidance. Archack was supposed to provide guidance and Sonia could only hope that he gleaned some on her companions as well. Fang was a handful to deal with and Mazad was such a horrendous flirt it was a small wonder that they could make it past the first tavern or brothel they encountered. Several times it seemed that the wandering sellsword might abandon them at any point yet he always seemed to show back up, usually with a quip about enjoying covering hers or Petra's rear.

Petra saw her companion stirring in her bed and wrapped up her prayers. Standing tall, the muscular paladin towered over the tiny gnome but after their adventures together Sonia had nothing but trust for Petra. The tall warrior ahd proven an anchor the rest of their erratic companions could rely on.

Petra was already ready for the day, dressed and cleansed. Sonia marveled at her ability to rise before the dawn. It seemed no matter how early Sonia willed herself awake, Petra had already been awake for hours, doing prep work and making her observations to her holy order and her god. Or perhaps the problem was that Sonia enjoyed her sleep too much. Of all her companions it seemed like she should need the least amount yet she was always the last to rise.

By the time Sonia had donned her clothes and prepared to grab breakfast Petra had already packed up the rest of the room. Petra handed Sonia her backpack and shouldered her own.

"It is time, we should go down and meet our companions."

"You think Mazad and Fang are even awake?"

Petra gave a nod.

"Fang, despite appearances, is an early riser like myself. As for Mazad..."

She crossed over to the doorway and opened up the door revealing Mazad, hunched over as if he had just been trying to peer through the key hole. Without missing a beat Mazad straightened the laces on his shoes and stood up with a grin.

"Ahhh, it is good to see you my friends. Fang may be a bit delayed due to his animal companion but I for one am famished. Let's see what a few coppers can't do to fill our stomachs, eh?"

Sonia rolled her eyes and shoved him out of the doorway.

"The next time we stay at an inn I'm going to put a nasty little trap in the keyhole."

Mazad just grinned that charming smile that seemed to disarm any ill will.

"That would be most wise. You never know what kind of patrons are staying along side us. If you would like additional protection I am willing to volunteer and stand guard in your room all night."

Sonia groaned at his offer.

"I think that would defeat the purpose of building a trap."

Mazad didn't miss a beat, he never did.

"I am always looking to help you out in that way. Think of everything you could do with the that free time now."

The trio descended to the common room and ordered breakfast. As expected, Fang was severely delayed. Mazad and Sonia were finishing their meal while Petra had ordered seconds by the time Fang joined them. One half of Fang's leather armor was covered in soot, his eyebrows had been singed off again and without a word he just went over to the innkeeper and dropped a gold piece on the countertop.

Sonia buried her face into her palms. Mazad laughed.

"What happened? Where is Horsey?"

Fang just glared and gestured out the window.

"That overgrown moth flew out while I was putting out the fire."

Sonia didn't even bother to react but Petra took the bait.


Fang looked sheepish as he climbed up onto the chair.

"It was just a little one..."

"Fang...maybe...just maybe we can stay at an inn without having to run from angry innkeepers the next day."

Fang launched into a tirade at that remark.

"You think I WANT to blow up my room!?"

The innkeeper looked up with a startled look at Fang. Mazad just smiled and waved back.

"My companion here is speaking figuratively. He spreads his traveling gear all over the room making it difficult for him to find things the next day."

The innkeeper narrowed his eyes at the party but went back to the parchment he was looking over. Sonia had a feeling they were going to have a very angry innkeeper as soon as he finished his reading.

Petra was finishing up her meal and glanced out the window.

"So, our journey has come to an end. Is this it then? Our last day together before we go our separate ways?"

Both Fang and Sonia blanched at Petra's comment.

"I blow up ONE room..."


"A few rooms and you want to leave?"

"What Fang is trying to say is that we are a team, or at least we feel that way."

Mazad shrugged.

"The best epics involve a group, usually four adventurers embarking on a great quest and saving the world and realm. Typically if you want to go alone you need a divine prophecy or godly blood running through your veins. I think we make an effective team and it would be a shame to split up so soon. Plus, I don't know how you think you could ever leave my side, my fair maiden."

As usual, Mazad's flattery fell on Petra's deaf ears but she shrugged.

"My order has not issued a recall for me so I see no reason not to continue accompanying you, but in that case what is our next plan?"

Sonia grinned and gestured around.

"We're adventurers, this is a tavern, and we need coin. I'm sure the universe will provide."
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Mon 17 Aug 2015
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Re: The Ancient Wonders of the World (Prologue)
After breakfast the would be crew of guards headed out into the port city.  The steamy air was slightly thick with smells of both the ocean and the sands.  Here in the The Merchant's Gate District porters; some small, some green, and some average sized to a human; all made attempts at honest labor.  They delivered all sorts of goods to the market area of this district.  It was hard not to see familiar faces from the long guard commission that the group had just completed.  Even harder for the goblein not to catch a stern eye from victims of horsey's guano.

Many of the market stalls where just pitched tents, made from thick cloths that protected one from the oppressive heat of the day.  A staple from the Haarn'quessir peoples, the desert elves.  And where money was to be made they merchants of the sands could be found.  The sound delicate sound of the language of desert could be heard intermingled with the gnomish standard language.

The smell of Elvish Kahweh, a dark roasted drink, was mixed in with the smell of gnomish tobacco.  The entire Merchant's district was alive, and as well it should be.  "All work to be done should be done before the heat of the day" was a wise statement in the lands of sand not because it was lazy, but it was wise.

A gnomish crier stands atop a crier's stand yelling in gnomish, "Calling all caravan guards and adventuring experts for a year long expedition!  Calling all caravan guards and adventuring experts for a year long expedition! Serious inquiries apply at the Crown and Anchor Pub, in the Southern Gate district."
Sonia Leroux
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Mon 24 Aug 2015
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Re: The Ancient Wonders of the World (Prologue)
Sonia grinned and elbowed Mazad and Petra.

"See, the universe will provide. A year long expedition sounds quite lucrative."

Mazad feigned annoyance and rolled his eyes with an exasperated sigh.

"Ugh, another year walking behind two lovely ladies. What sins in life has poor Mazad performed to be tortured by the gods as such. Well if my fate is to stare at your backs for another year then I shall stoically meet my fate. Shall we begin now?"

He motioned for the two ladies to lead the way as Fang continued to wrestle with Horsey in the back. Sonia glowered at Mazad but the charming man made it almost impossible to take his leering seriously. Perhaps from any other it might be considered rude but Mazad seemed to treat everyone equally and after enough time on the road with him Sonia had gotten used to it.

Petra, meanwhile, seemed completely oblivious to his flirtations and started walking the path towards the Crown and Anchor pub.
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Re: The Ancient Wonders of the World (Prologue)
The party makes there way to the Southern Gate District to find the Crown and Anchor Pub.  The smell of the sea is more apparent, as this district houses both the docks and warehouses of Port Dagobert.  It is here that the design of the port is most distinct, more apparent that it was a gnomish city turned into a haven for all sorts.

All the warehouse have stairs that lead up to a Gnome sized doors well above potential flood waters, with newer larger man sized doors set beside them.  It seems that Gnomish design put them "on the level" with the other races.

Even in the early day plenty of weary travelers make their first stop the Crown and Anchor Pub.

Crown and Anchor pub is know for the huge sea Anchor that was thrown into the side of the roof in a wild hurricane that happened many years ago. The owner liked the look so much that they re-enforced the anchor in place and took on the name.  It is
close enough to the docks to keep a steady supply of just enough rowdy and close enough to the southern gate to keep it just enough civil.

The Crown and Anchor pub as two doors just like every other building in the Southern Gate District, a set of gnomish sized doors up a few stairs and a set man sized doors for everyone else.

As the party approached the pub, each of them had to decide on which door to take.

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Re: The Ancient Wonders of the World (Prologue)
Sonia, followed by Fang, didn't even pause as they pushed through the gnome door. Mazad paused and considered the amusement if he attempted to follow suit on hands and knees but decided against it and allowed Petra to lead the way into the pub through the 'bigguns' sized door.

Horsey meanwhile chilled outside, snoozing with one giant wing covering its head so it could keep sleeping.