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Thu 3 Jul 2008
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Daily Spells and Abilities
Please post your daily memorized spells here as a private message to the GM. As each spell is used, please use strikethrough to indicate it. Spell-like abilities, special abilities, and magic items on a timer or #/day (week, month, you get the idea) should also go here.

This is something you'll re-use so there should be only as many posts as there are players.

Clerics and Druids need only list what spells they prepare for the day and mark them down. Though listing a limited domain abilities and marking which spell is your domain spell is required. (like that of the Strength domain) is required.

Same goes with Wizards but they must have their spell list in their character sheet.

Sorcerers and Bards should list the number of slots they have available and as they cast their spells mark what slots have been used and what spell was cast.
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Sat 5 Jul 2008
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Re: Daily Spells and Abilities
Here's a sample...

Spells and Abilities:
Private to GM:
Turn or rebuke undead 5/day (3+2)

Level 0:
Detect Magic

Level 1:
Shield of Faith

Cure Light Wounds 1/day
Produce Flame 1/day
Comprehend Languages 1/day

Rebuke Death
Sun's Touch

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Sun 13 Jun 2010
at 21:15
Re: Daily Spells and Abilities

AvailableSpellSchool(Sub)[Desc]ComponentsCast TimeRangeDurationSaveSRDescription
LEVEL 0Caster Level 2DC144/Day
0/0Create WaterConj(Creat)VSStandardCloseInstantaneousNoneNo2 Gallons/Level
1/1Detect MagicDivVS/DFStandard60' ConeConc, 1min/LvlNoneNoPresence, #/Strongest, Strengths/Locations/Schools
0/0Detect PoisonDivVS/DFStandardCloseInstantaneousNoneNo1 Creature, Object, 5' Cube. Wis DC20 for Type
0/0GuidanceDivVSStandardTouchDischarge/1MinNoneYes+1 (Competency) on One Attack, Save, Skill
1/1LightEvoc[Light]VMStandardTouch10min/LvlNoneNo20' Bright Light + 20' Dim Light
0/0MendingTransVSStandard10'InstantaneousNoneNoRepairs One Object <=1 Pound
0/0Purify Food and DrinkTransVSStandard10 rangeInstantaneousNoneNoPurifies 1 cubic foot of food/water per lvl
1/1Read MagicUnivVSF(Prism)StandradPersonal10min/LvlNoneNoAble to Read Arcane Writings
0/0ResistanceAbjVSMStandardTouch1 MinuteNoneYes+1 (Resistance) on Single Save
1/1StablizeConj(healing)VSStandardCloseInstantaneousWillNegYesCause a dying creature to stabilize
0/0VirtueTransVS/DFStandardTouchInstantaneousNoneNoTouched subject gains 1 Temporary HP
LEVEL 1Caster Level 2DC153/Day
0/0BlessEnch(comp)[mind]VS/DFStandard501min/lvlNoneNoAllies gain +1 on attack rolls and saves against fear
0/0Bless WaterTrans[good]VSMMinuteTouchInstantaeousNoneNoMakes holy water
0/1CommandEnch(comp)[lang][mind]VStandardClose1rndWillNegYesOne subject obeys selected command for 1 round
0/0Comprehend LanguagesDivVSMStandardPersonal10min/lvlNoneNoYou understand all spoken and written languages
0/0Cure Light WoundsConj(Heal)VSStandardTouchInstantaeousNoneYesHeals 1d8+1/lvl hit points
0/0DeathwatchNecro[evil]VSStandardClose10min/lvlNoneNoReveals how near death subjects within 30' are.
0/0Detect Chaos/Evil/Good/LawDivVS/DFStandardPersonalUp to 10 min/lvlNoneNoReveals creatures, spells, or objects of selected alignment
0/0Detect UndeadDivVS/DFStandard60Up to 1min/lvlNoneNoReveals undead within 60'
0/0Divine FavourEvocVS/DFStandardPersonal1 minuteNoneNoYou gain +1/3lvls on attack and damage rolls
0/0Endure ElementsAbjVSStandardTouch24hrsNoneNoExist comfortably in hot or cold environments
0/0Entropic ShieldAbjVSStandardPersonal1min/lvlNoneNoRanged attacjed against you have 20% miss chance
0/0Hide from undeadAbjS/DFStandardTouch10min/lvlWillNegYesUndead can't perceive 1 subject/lvl
0/0Magic StoneTransVS/DFStandardTouchUp to 30 minNoneNoUp to 3 pebbles gain +1 enchantment and deal 1d6+1 (x2 vs Undead)
0/0Magic WeaponTransVSF/DFStandardTouch1 min/lvlNoneNoWeapon gains +1 bonus
0/0Obscuring MistConj(creat)VSStandardPersonal1min/lvlNoneNoFog surrounds you
0/0Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/LawAbjVSMStandardTouch1 min/lvlNoneNo+2 to AC & saves, counter mind control, hedge out elementals & outsiders.
0/0Remove FearAbjVSStandardClose10 minNoneNoSuppresses fear or gives +4 on saves against fear
for one subject + 1/4 levels
1/1SanctuaryAbjVS/DFStandardTouch1rd/lvlNoneNoOpponents can't attack you & you can't attack
0/0Shield of FaithAbjVSMStandardTouch1min/lvlNoneNoAura grants +2 of higher deflection bonus
1/1Summon Monster IConj(sum)VSF/DF1RoundClose1rd/lvlNoneNoCalls extraplanar creature to fight for


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Re: Daily Spells and Abilities
Spells & Abilities

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