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Sat 3 Jul 2010
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Quest for the Everflame
Tomorrow will be the day.

You all have connections to the town of Kassen in your own fashion or another. While you may not know one another personally you at least know of one another, might even recognize eachother on sight. It's that kind of small town. It's a nice place, being in the wilderness of Nirmathas it is naturally a walled community, and it has a history, which is the reason everyone in town has been acting solemn for the past couple days. Kassen, like many places built in less than civilized times, had a rough start.

Founded over a hundred years ago by Ekat Kassen, a retired adventurer, the town prospered in the wilderness of Nirmathas. At least it did until the arrival of the mercenary, Asar Vergas, a former adventuring comrade to Ekat. Asar and his mercenaries raided the town with lightning strikes for two months until their camp was finally discovered, then Kassen lead the townsfolk into battle against his former comrade. They were victorious but paid in blood and while Kassen beat Vergas in the field that day he died from a grave wound suffered at the hands of the man he once called friend two days after the battle.

The townsfolk entombed their leader and everyone else who died that day be they friend or foe. They lit an ever burning flame above Kassens sarcophagus and soon after began the tradition known as the Quest of the Everflame. A sort of coming of age rite handed out to promising members of the community and the occasional long term visitor that marks the end of fall and the coming of winter. The party is chosen by the most respected members of the community to travel to Kassens tomb, brave the traps and dangers within, light the Red Lantern and return to the town so that the flame might chase away the darkness of Winter.

It has been four years since a group has been selected to undertake this task.

During the past few days the townsfolk have grown silent and solemn, they talk little to those who are to undertake the test, making it hard to believe that upon your return there is supposed to be a grand celebration marking the last harvest of fall and the arrival of winter. A chill wind has been blowing from the north and while all of you have been training today is the day you are supposed to focus yourselves for the task at hand. It is late afternoon.

[Private to Tork Ben-jiri:
Holgast, the town Wizard and your mentor, has been absent much of late since the accident. He still shows himself from time to time but has done little more than look at you with that mix of pride and concern since the scolding you received. He's made it clear you were the most promising of his students and far ahead of the other apprentices who started around the same time you did, but you've also been the most troublesome. It's hard to tell if he petitioned for you to partake in the Quest to get rid of you or because he genuinely thinks you're ready to strike out on your own. He has been in his tower much of the day pouring through his library on some topic or another and smoking his pipe.

[Private to Elyas:
You've been a student of Father Prasst for some time now, long enough that the town of Kassen is seeming more like home than the city of Tamran did during your time at the small church of Sarenrae there. While the Dawnflower isn't the most popular deity in the region her domain of healing is much respected and as such what following she has in Nirmathas isn't really of the militant variety. Father Prasst is a devout follower of Erastil, old One Eye and god of the Hearth, the Hunt, and the Home. Despite his focus on another deity he has taught you much and clearly knows quite a bit about all the goodly religions and some of the not-so-good and believes that they all have their place in the world.

He's surprisingly wise and learned for a man of 24, one of the youngest spiritual leaders the town of Kassen has seen but respected all the same. Particularly seeing as with his arrival he permitted other friendly gods to be worshiped at the temple though he offers no services himself. Shrines for Gozreh, Gorum, Shelyn, Torag, Desna and with your arrival Sarenrae all have a place in the church. At present he is enjoying a book by the fire while drinking a cup of mulled wine, a tradition of his that remains unbroken even with the coming Quest.

[Private to Aeric:
Jocyn pretty much lives at the local inn "The Seven Silvers Taver" which doubles as something of a boarding house given that visitors aren't exactly commonplace. He sings and performs for his supper and taught you quite a few things when you were last here four years ago. You were there when you saw him return with his left leg all but useless to him, since then he has been accepted into the community and while he hasn't been the most disciplined of teachers he managed well enough. Occasionally you've heard him go on a drunken ramble about his adventuring life occasionally his tales hint at some past terror that even you haven't been able to pry from him.

You arrived a little while ago. Some former friends welcomed you warmly enough but there was pity in their eyes as they recalled the sad state in which you left your home town. Some people who weren't quite 'friends' also paid a visit, Sargus Vargidan, one of the elder sons of the richest and most eccentric family in town. Sargus is every bit as strange as his fellow brothers and sisters and had been getting into the money lending trade when you were last here.

The strange part: you arrived in the evening and made your way straight to the inn, only a single guard saw you, less than ten minutes after you came he appeared reminding you that he remembers your debt. He also made it quite clear that he can find you but had no intention of traveling to Absalom to collect. How he knew you went to Absalom when you skipped town is anyone's guess.

Your Pathfinder contact here is a man named Cygar. He is not a friendly fellow and doesn't look it either. He dresses in dark clothing and practically revels in the fact that the large scar down the side of his face unsettles most people, the better to be left alone he would say. He made it quite clear he doesn't wish to have much to do with you, "I've done enough pulling strings to get you involved in this damned Quest, good thing it meets the Societies standards for graduation missions, come to me when you've completed it and no sooner and we'll talk." he said gruffly when you and Jocyn spoke to him at the tavern.

Presently Jocyn is enjoying a meal before going on stage for the dinner crowd. Cygar is nowhere to be seen.

[Private to Toddy Shelfungus:
You and Elorian have been trianing particularly hard these past couple weeks. Though today he insists you spend the day and evening in the town proper rather than out in the wilderness. He has acquired rooms at the local inn called the Seven Silvers Tavern and settled in himself. He's been a good mentor, light hearted and good-natured and has taken your gnomish ways in stride and good humor. While the rest of the townsfolk have been quite welcoming these past few years, recognizing you and Elorian as self proclaimed guardians they are thankful for your presence. Part of this is due to the fact that while you're guardians you don't meddle in their affairs too often.

There is one who hasn't been so welcoming however: Grimscar, a half orc and lumberjack for the forestry guild, he's a sour fellow who enjoys picking fights and pawing barmaids. While he's certainly mean he hasn't gone far enough to merit ill-will, at least not yet. A town ruffian and little more. Though he seems to have taken offense at a deal made between Elyas and the forestry guild to avoid a certain copse of valuable Darkwood trees that are home to a few fey creatures. Things have always been tense whenever he's about.

Having arrived from your time in the forest training Elorian has been at the town watch headquarters debriefing the local authorities on the happenings in the woods around Kassen.

OOC: I shall post a map of the town along with a brief description of the place when I have a little more time and a better computer. Until then you are all free to have your characters wander about and perhaps interact with one another or your mentors or do whatever you might have them do to prepare.

On open posting like this please list where you are in the subject line. If you are in the Inn, list it in the subject line, if you are at the town square, post it in the subject line. That way it can keep confusion down to a minimum.

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Sat 3 Jul 2010
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Walking the Streets
   Toddy Shelfungus wandered down the dirt street, Thinking; I don't know how these big folk get anything done? I haven't seen a cheerful face all day much less a party!.

   Sighing he wandered on.
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Sun 4 Jul 2010
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The Church of the Seven
The evening was always a time of hope for the sometime errant boy Elyas. After night would come dawn then a new beginning that heralded a new adventure. Since Elyas had joined the church of Sarenrae his life had taken on a new beginning. The gypsy remembered only snatches of his previous life and most often preferred not to think about it. His ma and pa were dead, slaughtered by monsters. The boy glanced up from where he sat on the floor at Father Prasst, the priest was barely old enough to be thought of as an older brother but his patience and wisdom had Elyas view him almost as a father. Elyas’s time in Kassen had been peaceful and Elyas’s was proud that he would have the opportunity tomorrow to participant in the town’s ritual and history.

There was no requirement for Elyas to wear any particular colour of robes so Elyas wore a loose fitting, striped and many coloured robe. He sat cross legged and not yet viewed as old enough to partake of wine he sipped from a cup of ewe’s milk. There were many that were grateful for Elyas help and they often brought gifts in return to the church. Earlier in the year during the lambing season Elyas had helped at many farms so often enjoyed fresh milk.

The novice of Sarenrae drank from his cup and wiped away a streak of milk from his top lip with the back of his hand “Father Prasst” he asked “what was the last Quest for the Everflame like? Who was it that took part?”
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Wed 7 Jul 2010
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Up a tree and gazing
Yeeaaah it came this way....

There was something resting on a bobbing twig and it was swimming in the soft breeze.

You sensed me near you in the alley back there, and I give you credit for being swifter than most
. This must have been the hundredth cloud of influence he had seen today, this one he just happened to chase.

He watches it tip to the side and fall into a gust of wind. It dissipates as it inevitably would and Tork is left gazing at the city from his tree perch.
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Fri 9 Jul 2010
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Re: Seven Silvers Tavern
He hadn't been back in town long, but already Aeric was feeling the pressure from old debtors. Perhaps, if he garnered enough acclaim from the Quest, and more importantly, some valuable objects to sell, he could shake clear of his debts.

Sharing a table with Jocyn, his old tutor, Aeric was enjoying his third warm meal in two days, and he was well into his cups, although you wouldn't have been able to tell by looking at him - a sure sign of a well-practiced drinker.

As he sat there, he chatted amicably with his old friend, talking about the incendiary properties of some forms of alcohol, before the time caught up with him. "Er, Jocyn, aren't you supposed to be on stage now?" He asked around a mouthful of glorious food.
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Tue 13 Jul 2010
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   Standing at the north end of the stone bridge Toddy glanced north at the two nearest buildings. Then he turned and looked at what to him was a massive stone wall to the west, shook his head, took a half step back with one foot, then twisted turning completly around with one move. He giggled, Toddy couldn't understand what the big folk had against giggling.  Toddy marched to the east wall of the bridge, thought about marching back and forth across the mouth of the bridge as if on sentinal duty, decided no, and started to climb the stone end post of the bridge.

    [Private to GM: OOC Assuming DC 10 taking same.]
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Wed 14 Jul 2010
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Re: Bridge
This series of posts are in private lines for the time being, more will come but in bits and pieces over the course of this evening.

[Private to Elyas: The priest looked up from his book and at the young acolyte of the Dawnflower, he watched him for a moment before shutting the book and setting it upon the side table. He prolonged the silence with another sip from his goblet before he finally spoke. "You know I cannot give you too many details Elyas, but they are good questions nonetheless." he said as he set the drink aside. "The Quest for the Everflame is something of a series of lessons, challenges of the mind as well as the body. You will encounter puzzles to solve, obstacles both natural and man made and the trek through the wilderness may present it's own problems. Needless to say it will require you and your companions to work as a team." he said. Vague, but at the same time he couldn't exactly give everything away. "Your lessons will serve you well in the end I am sure." Father Prasst added with a smile.

He took another drink from his goblet and set it down again "As for those who were in it four years ago. Three are upstanding members of the community, and two decided they enjoyed the taste of adventure they had and left to seek more. I'm not supposed to let you know who they are until they greet you upon your return but if you asked about I'm sure you'd find a tongue looser than mine." he said with a small smile that was almost a smirk giving the young priest and even more boyish look contrasting with the wisdom evident in his eyes.

[Private to Tork Ben-jiri: Gazing out upon the city as the late afternoon approaches evening you find another gust of chill northern wind blows through the city. Winter is coming soon and it won't be long before white snow blankets the earth. You recall your master never taught you how to see Influence, you had to sneak in and read some of his instruction manuals itself, it was actually how you learned to detect the presence of magic in general. In fact a good portion of your education was self taught, something you learned all of Holgasts apprentices had to do at some point or another, you weren't entirely sure if this was something he intended or honestly didn't know about. Either way the evening was getting cold and you could see people heading home to the warm lights of the various buildings or heading to one of the various inns or taverns that provided a fire, food and entertainment. It was growing darker making the one light in your masters tower more evident, he had been reading for some time, either that or asleep in his favorite chair.

OOC: We'll say that Influence is errant magic, sort of a side effect of 'Detect Magic' upon casting it you can occasionally detect some of the bits of 'magic-stuff' that float about. Perhaps a part of the region, or maybe the remains of a spell cast near by, or simply free-floating, they're something of an enigma and have no actual mechanical effect. Does that work?

[Private to Aeric: Jocyn chuckled deeply and shook his head. "The dinner crowd is only just starting to trickle in. I don't think anyone will mind if I spend a minute or two catching up with an old friend." he said as he shifted a bit adjusting his leg. Technically he could still walk with it but it was more like a hobble. A wound that would never heal properly enough for the bard to return to a life of adventure, though it was questionable if he would return even if it was perfectly healed. "So Sargus Vargidan already caught up with you eh? I imagine he was about as polite as a halfling butler and as slimey as a tiefling used torch dealer." he said shaking his head. His opinion of the man was quite clear especially after one of his less than subtle collection attempts for another client, nothing violent mind you, killed the mood for the entire taproom some months back.]

[Private to Toddy Shelfungus: You clamber up on the corner stone of the bridge which grants you a rather nice view of Kassen. A few children run by laughing and take a moment to watch the odd gnome slamber up the pillar. "Whatcha dooin?" one of them, likely the little brother to the taller young girl that was holding his hand and couldn't be more than a couple years older than him. ]

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Thu 15 Jul 2010
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Taking a Shortcut Through the Town
[Private to DM Doom: I love that idea. I kind of figured it had to do with his training as a wizard to see the world differently than other people. Thanks for allowing me to play around a bit with that idea.]

It made the most sense to bring a gift to the old Master. He only works this late when it is urgent.

Well, he thinks, that's not true - he could just be in one of his moods again.

The Northern winds have had some effect on the warmth of the stones used to build the older buildings. It could mean something, but he is too focused on finding a patch of nearby forest to care.

Once he gathers the spell components from the forest, Tork begins his walk back to the tower to deliver his gift and to put his feet up for the night.

[Private to DM Doom:
To find spell components in the forest:
15:10, Today: Tork Ben-jiri rolled 12 using 1d20+2. Botany check for spell components. 

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Sun 18 Jul 2010
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Re: Taking a Shortcut Through the Town
   [Private to GM: Toddy grins down at the Little ones, missing his.
   I'm scouting from up here, I get a good look down the river and at the town.


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