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Thu 3 Jul 2008
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RTJ Guide
Here's what I'm looking for: Gamers who are good and solid players, they can post with relative regularity, can write a decent post, that can think of a background that's simple but not a novel, and that won't bicker and squabble with one another.

I've a few requests.
1. Join only if you feel you make at least a few posts a week and at least have the decency to let me know if you might be absent for a time.
2. Spell check is your friend. I'm not asking that you be English majors just try to type English with reasonable accuracy.
3. Play by Posts take time, a single module will span months, if you foresee a new job or school getting so hectic that you cannot spare three periods of 20 minutes each to make a post or let us know you'll be busy for finals, you might want to pursuit something else.
4. Please, set your gamer ego's aside, I don't want 100 lone wolf mindsets descending on this game with snotty/haughty attitudes because they happen to have memorized the rule book back to front.

Requesting to Join
Your Age:
Are you an experienced gamer?:
How familiar are you with Pathfinder?:
Can you handle a game that might go from cliche, to dark, to wherever the GM feels like taking it?:
Can you write a good post?:
Show me:
Can you get along with others?:


Character Info
Character Name:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
Forseen Class:
Desrcription and Personality:
Secrets/Plots hooks: Basically what aspects of your background might be pulled in to the game as adventure hooks and the like. Seeing as there's a little more freedom with this game than others I've run I'd like to include some character background stuff. This is by no means a promise that I will but something I might possibly work with.

Just send this to me and I'll evaluate it and see what happens.

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