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Thu 10 Jul 2008
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House Rules, Announcements, and Important notes.
Okay, as this game is undergoing revision and conversion to the PRPG I don't want to tweak with the rules too much. Even my face to face group hasn't been able to play with the new Core Rules much (We haven't gamed for about a month due to real life stuff and absent players). As such house rules are subject to change as I find this rule or that rule that I dislike.

Present Houserules:

* Critical Hits.
I may have mentioned this elsewhere but I shall reiterate here: I hate the critical hit confirmation concept. It irked me when we transferred from 2nd edition that a roll of a natural 20 had to have another roll follow it. Therefor I'm doing away with it! Instead a crit will do max damage. x3 will do max dmg x1.5 and x4 will do max x2. Once everyone reaches an appropriate level to handle a little more pain I'll incorporate critical confirmations for even more fun and doom!

* Critical Misses
Yep, natural ones, the bane of all adventurers (and DM's but we can cheat *grin* um, kidding...). I have a system set up with my live game but the fact is I hate it and they hate critical fumble tables. Therefor I'll typically improvise what happens depending on the situation. You might consider this a good thing or a bad thing, who knows.

* Humans are Multitalented Too!

Sorry, maybe I hate half elves, maybe I don't like them having an edge on humans. In 3.5 one of the humans big things was that they were flexible and could choose any favored class whereas everyone else had to tip toe through the tulips. Now everyone can choose a favored class but the half elves get too? Not on my watch. Humans get two as well to emphasize their ambition and drive. Sorry half elves, you're not pretty little snowflakes anymore.

* Standard Adventurer's Kit
This is important for you 1st levelers out there (all of you at the time of this writing), I liked this concept in 4e, I had friends who have been house ruling it since god knows when, so I'm including it in the Game Info thread and here:

Standard Adventurer's Kit   15gp 33.5lb's
  Backpack (empty)           2gp  2lb's
  Bedroll                    1sp  5lb's
  Flint and Steel            1gp   -
  Belt Pouch (empty)         1gp .5lb's
  Rations, trail (10 days)   5gp 10lb's
  Rope, Hempen               1gp 10lb's
  Sunrod (2)                 4gp  2lb's
  Waterskin                  1gp  4lb's

So basically the bedroll comes free. Yay. Still, it's nice and summed up for you if you want equipment purchasing to be quick. For those who have already made their characters my apologies for coming up with this late.

* Common Sense
There are things out there in the rules that get abused. Divination, a certain combination of feats involving a spiked chain and a trip attack, and damn near anything Psionic (which I don't consider an option in this game and everyone already has their characters so it doesn't matter). I live by a policy, if the PC's can do it, so can their foes, and I have one of the best and most devious power gamers I've ever met living in my apartment with me so please, don't make me use him.

That being said I'll not fault someone for making a cool build. It's the abuse of builds and builds that are downright obscene. If you think a build you're aiming for might tread those waters, ask me and I'll let you know, something you might consider powerful might be a 'meh' issue for me. Hell, most of the changes to spells and feats from 3.0 to 3.5 that were made because the spell or feat was 'too powerful' were mind boggling to me. Durations for the stat buff spells and the Spell Focus feat by way of example (Seriously, at higher levels enemies make saves like I make pennies lots of pennies at my job, spell casters need whatever edge they can get).

* Feats
Spring Attack
As written in the PFRPG save that there is no minimum of moving 10ft.

Heavy Armor Proficiency Clerics get this one again. Shouldn't have lost it in my opinion.

* Encumbrance: I will deal with Encumbrance loosely. If it seems like you're carrying enough supplies to fill a caravan then you'll get penalties, if it's not all that much then you won't.

* Attacks Of Opportunity: I will try and keep them from getting ridiculous, please do the same, fair?

* 3rd Level
When the players transition to 3rd level I allow people to make changes to their character. Say you think you'd prefer a 14 STR instead of a 16 so as to free up some points for CON or something like that. Well, that might be a little extreme freeing up five stat points, but say you have two or three odd numbered stats and wish to compile them into something more rounded, that's alright. Or if you wish you had one feat instead of another or a different array of skills. I'm typically alright with looking the other way as minor changes are made, so long as you tell me what you switched around.

* A note on Languages.
Not a house rule so much as an important campaign element...
Let's see if anyone is paying attention to this. Languages have changed slightly since the players guides, that's what we get for being fans of a developing world, by way of example let's take common. Common is common right? But common is also Chelaxian now, which is also Taldane.

Seems when Cheliax split from the old empire they took the language as well and made it their own. This has since become Golarions version of Common. So, originally it was Taldane, then Cheliax had taken to calling it Chelaxian. So two names, one language. Good information for you guys to know.

EDIT: They are effectively different dialects. Think of them as American English vs. UK English if that helps. Taldor was modeled partially off of England after all.

Also, understand that different countries have different languages. If you want to learn what those are feel free to inquire. I'm a touch too lazy to put them up right now.

* A Note on Posting

Alright. Before we get too far into the game there are a few things I want to get straight about posting. I like my players to see a nice clean message board of good fun role playing. Not a bunch of dice roles. I on the other hand. Well, I can survive seeing the dice rolls. That being said, while I want you guys to post your dice and damage rolls when the game is in combat I want you to make sure you let me see it as a private line.

I hope that's easily understood by all of you.

The next thing I want to make clear: Don't jump the gun on skill rolls. There are some skill rolls that I prefer to roll myself. Most of them actually. Yes it takes some control away from the players but I like the idea of someone not knowing if they're well hidden, of not knowing if someone heard them, and so on. So when you wish to use a skill let me know through private line. Sure I can guess from the description but it makes my life easier. Something like...

So after some delightful in character posting you would then send me a PL like the one below:

Private to ME: Jorun is going to try and sneak up behind the guy so he can get a death attack in.

At which point I would look at your character sheet, take into consideration certain modifiers and then I give you the result and let you make that death attack.

Another example might be an encounter wherein the party members meet with several citizens of the city they've been in for a few months under mysterious circumstances and want to either A. Identify them, or B. see if they can identify anything about the mysterious circumstances. After their in character post one might write a PL to me stating:

Private to GM person: Local/Bardic Knowledge check to see if he knows anything about the people before him.

Again, I check the modifiers, make the roll, and then get you the results. Sound easy? Good.

* Passive Checks

4th edition isn't exactly my favorite system and though I like it more than just about anyone in my face to face group I don't like it enough to convert. That being said 4e had some good ideas and I'm not above swiping these. Among these are the Passive Perception and Passive Insight scores. They are effectively the characters skill +10. As a method of speeding up play in some instances I'll be incorporating these into the game in situations wherein PC's do not actively declare that they are searching etc.

Now, this isn't saying that you should declare your searching at all times, anyone who does will be docked xp for being annoying and terribly unrealistic. As I already roll many of these skill checks behind the screen so to say this just means you get a free 'check' in situations wherein you aren't being active to symbolize perhaps that nagging feeling that the merchant isn't being as up front as he acts or to catch that flicker of movement in your peripheral vision that warns you of the impending ambush.

If it helps, think of it as a DC the monsters and enemies need to make to sneak up on you unawares.

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Thu 10 Jul 2008
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Re: House Rules and Announcements
Added 2nd level transition option.

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Fri 11 Jul 2008
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Re: House Rules and Announcements
I posted a note on languages that you guys might consider important.
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Sat 12 Jul 2008
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Re: House Rules and Announcements
Adding some posting guidelines to this thread and Game Information.
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Thu 21 May 2009
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Re: House Rules and Announcements
Posted a couple additions:
Passive Scores and an edit to the Languages section.

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