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1 cage on wheels (8' x 5' x 4') (at Faulbane Manor)
              1 vial of unidentified blood (burgundy potion) (Kane)
Leviathan Dagger (Artimus)

In portable hole (although magical and not unique, I have included a description under Unique Items):

a silver helm, shiny as new (with a slick coating of slime), a small pile of coins and gems, a spearhead, a pair of gauntlets, and a bone-handled dagger.

a scroll case made of metal and sealed with some kind of wax.

The "Eye of Fire" artifact from the Eye of the World.  Exact usage and purpose unknown.  Also called the "Kazangan."  A round, slightly glowing reddish/orange stone about the size of a fist.

The ORACLE from the Eye of the World.
ORKENVALD (+1 battleaxe, +2 against orcs--artifact)
Canopic jars (with riddles written on them).

1 eye of a beholder
Map of Moon Isle Atoll Unique Items)
1 vial of crimson potion
1 finely woven carpet
1 blue potion marked "Heal" *
1 clear potion marked "AC" *
3 unmarked vials of liquid (light green, red, and milky colored)
1 blue potion (says "heal" in ancient Allevian) (2 quaffs)
silver ring
3 barrels of ale
1 week of preserved ration (for 5 people)
3 shovels
4 picks
sleeping gear (for 4)
2 bullseye lanterns
1 hooded lantern
12 flasks lamp oil
5 flasks Greek fire oil
                         ___ gp
                        1 magical cutlass
four wax candles (three with bite marks)
a silver candlestick (15 gp)
a small mirror
a jar of ink (8 gp)
a wooden flute (1gp)
a silver holy symbol with some strange markings unlike any you recognize
five gold jingle bells (10 gp each) sewn to a leather strap
three empty bottles, and
a book entitled "Which Way is Up: A Spelunker's Guide to Caves" (5 gp)
a note regarding the Black Eucharist (Questionable Groups)
In the wooden coffer, he finds:
21 ornamental and semi-precious stones:
2 white agates (5 gp)
two blue azurites (10gp)
six green malachites (15 gp)
three fire agates (25 gp)
a carnelian (50 gp)
four golden citrines (50 gp)
and three shiny serpentines (75 gp)
Elsewhere in the cavern you see the battered suit of human-sized chainmail, and under it is a shiny footman's mace and a metal shield.
The large sack contains:
     10 daggers
      a poorly treated wizard's spellbook (with some legible spells on it)
      six wooden scroll tubes (empty)
      a pair of dwarven boots with silver-plated bootheels (scuffed; worth about 2 gp each)
      an opened keg of honey.
The small wooden crate (2' x 2' x 2') contains:
     48 pieces of copper dinnerware (about 150 gp for the set)
A covered wooden bucket with a set of thieves' picks in it
12 black and yellow striped darts
a wand of metal and mineral detection (32 charges)
footman's mace +2
3 darts of homing

    chimes (worth 100 gp)
    ring of invisibility
    large sack with 587 cp
    large sack with 336 sp and 210 ep
    large sack with 357 gp and 125 pp
    silver bracelets engraved with elven runes (worth 50 gp each)
    thick gold chain with a dragon's head pendant inlaid with pearl eyes (worth 1500 gp)
    short bow and 20 arrows.

FALSE-BOTTOMED BACKPACK (Unique Items, in portable hole) (from IC5 corpse) containing:
Several small thieves tools
a handful of caltrops
a vial of a clear liquid (nonmagical)
a closed scroll case

CYLINDRICAL CASE (from IC5 corpse) containing:
Several blank pages of parchment
a small closed vial of ink
a quill-tipped feather pen
one page which has been written on (about trip through Valley of Mist with last sentence stating: "I wonder now if we will ever find Ashe, or if we will instead wander this mysterious valley until we meet our deaths."
Note from skeleton's backpack in Valley of Mist that states:
Lord Faulbane II orders you to descend the valley and determine the source of magic and the reason it collects there. Please do so discreetly and beware the dangers of the valley. You look at each other with gaping jaws as you remember that Lord Faulbane II was the father of the current Baron, and he died over twenty years back.
One finely carved flute which seems untouched by time (IC5 skeleton). It is carved from reeds and bamboo, and is beautifully stained, covered with pictures of satyrs, ivy, and lovely dryads.
Old scroll (from skeleton in IC5), which contains the following information:
(1) the previous party had been searching many years back for the source of the magic;
(2) they discovered that the magic seems to be strongest over lei lines, and the valley was like onegiant lei line with extremely concentrated energy;
(3) they believed the shape, position, and depth of the valley, with its exits only steep walls, created a holding effect which trapped in and amplified the magic;
(4) they believed that the valley was one of the last places where the magic existed as it had before the last days of the dragons;
(5) they discovered an old man whom they befriended; it turned out that he was a gold dragon who remained in the valley for the last millennium because it had the only source of magic;
(6) the old man told them about the past and unveiled secrets about the magic that they wrote and sealed in the wax scroll; they were returning to give it to the King when they were apparently killed.

Wax Scroll (meant to be returned to the King) (from IC5-13e)
2 Exploding pineapple-like fruit (from IC5)
orc's backpack containing:
     flint stones
a whetstone
a quiver holding twenty crossbow bolts
a carving knife
a signal whistle
a wool towel
a rolled scroll that says: "Have your platoon descend into the valley and find the half-human.  He cannot reach the south border.  Dead or alive

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Sir Floradine
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Tue 20 May 2003
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Sir Floradine's Inventory
     Two handed sword (from Sir Alodar)
     Magic mace (+2)

     Long sword +1
     Improved mail, full armor
     Mail coif helmet
     Medium shield

     Main-gauche dagger
     Parrying dagger
     Long bow
     Flint and steel
     Rations x3 (per week)
     Rope (50')
    Compass (from skeleton in IC5)
     Magical ring (which appears to be mass invisibility or invisibility with a certain radius) from IC5 (GROUP ITEM)

   Money: (1719.6 gp.-- kept in portable hole chest)

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Shae Shadowglen
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Tue 20 May 2003
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Shae's Inventory.

Bone Handled Daggers x 2
Normal Daggers x 4
Spears 0 (all lost)
K’lin's Daggers +1 x 2
Magical Dragon Maw, bone handled Dagger (to be investigated)
Tea Bag of Healing (6hp)

Magic Spearhead (from Sir Herondale)
Hooded Cloak
Skirt (Short)
Flint & Steel
High Leather Boots
Small Tent
Cooking Pot
Dagger Sash
Belt Pouches x 3
Spare Robe

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Tue 20 May 2003
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Joseph's Inventory

     Long Bow +2
     Composite Short Bow
     Long Sword

     Bed Roll
     Small Tent
     10 Candles
     20 arrowheads
     Fletcher kit
     2 bow strings
     3 Small Belt Pouches
     2 Large Belt Pouches
     50' Rope
     Flint and Steel
     Sharpening Stone
     2 week rations
     2 waterskins
     flask of oil
281 sp,
95 gp

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Tue 20 May 2003
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Illborn's Inventory

Illborn died, and his inventory was melted in the lava that consumed him.

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Kallad Shadowglenn
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Tue 20 May 2003
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Kallad's Inventory

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Shanjalae's Inventory.

Shanjalae has only the clothes on her back.

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Rathyl's Inventory

Paired swords of bone
Leather Armor
Boots of Striding and Springing
Cloak of Arachnida

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Mon 29 Sep 2003
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Fire's Inventory