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Playing Tips
Some of these are also on the web site in more detail and with examples.  However, because this is not a PBEM and because of some capabilities with RPOL, please review the below:

Tips for becoming a good player:

1)  Please keep your moves in the present tense.  Write them as you want them to be seen by the other players.  Don't create editing work for the DM.  (He doesn't like the extra work.)

2)  Likewise, only submit actions of your characters, not thoughts or internal monologue.  If you submit thoughts or opinions for the benefit of the DM, separate them from the rest of the move by placing them in a private message to the DM.  (Note that these can be placed inside your main message to the rest of the group on RPOL.)  Do not use OOC or any other indication that you are a player.  You have succeeded if others think your character is an NPC.

As a corollary, enunciate the thoughts of your characters by having them speak what they are feeling (or even mutter something to themselves) or give a vivid physical description.

EXAMPLE:  Do not post: "Thor is angry at the merchant and not wanting to be surprised, he draws his sword,"

Instead, post something like this: "Thor's eyes narrow in anger and his face begins to redden.  He looks around suspiciously and draws his sword while constantly glancing over his shoulder. [PRIVATE MESSAGE TO DM HEATH: Thor will be watching for any surprise attacks from the merchant or his cronies.]

3)  It is okay to use conditionals and contingencies.  This speeds up the game and clarifies exactly what you mean.

However, on RPOL, you can put these in an imbedded private message to the DM if it will look strange to the other PC's.  If the condition is met, I can post for your character at that time (or you can repost if you want).

4)  Give feedback.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT  I want you to develop your characters how you want them developed.  If there is some connection or personal fact, or if you would like to see situations where your character can exploit a certain skill, LET ME KNOW!  I enjoy interweaving stories and motivations, but juggling all the characters, adventures, and an entire world can leave me forgetful.

5)  IMPORTANT:  DO NOT TURN BACK TIME.  Absent very strong magic, your characters cannot go back and change something that happened, even if that character did not mean to act as he or she did.
       --Never say your character "did something when...."
       --Do not pick apart the last move piece by piece and announce what your character is doing for each part of that scene.

We are always moving forward.  Always address your moves as though they immediately follow the last move sent to you.  Otherwise, your move will be ignored.  I cannot tell you how many times players have tried to do this.  Nothing in the game will be perfect or exactly as your character wanted to perform.  Accept that.  Deal with it.  And move on to the present.  (Luckily, I have not had this problem come up in quite a while.)

6)  Allow the DM to modify your moves.  Yes, it happens for various reasons, but I will not arbitrarily do things to harm your characters.

CAVEAT  The exception to Rule 6 is when you are not an active player.  Once I start having to control your character because you are not actively participating, then he may be in for some trouble.  If you have reviewed the adventures to date, you will have seen many characters who have met their fate this way.

Therefore, please post once daily or every other day, even if it's just to let us all know you are there.  The game is propelled more by the players than the DM, so I am willing to go forward as fast as you want to take me.  I'm usually a couple of adventures ahead of you.

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