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Mon 2 Jun 2003
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Sir Floradine heaves the heavy door open, and your eyes open with the strange spectacle before you.  There are two rows of statues, six on your left and six on your right.  (See map below.)  The first statue on your right and left is that of a lion with right-handed claws outstretched and teeth showing, one on your left and one on your right.  The next two statues are of a dragon-like creature, likewise with fangs bared and two hands reaching out to claw those who would pass between them.  The third statues are of warriors, each holding swords pointed toward each other in menacing fashion.  The fourth statues show demon-like guardians with four arms reaching toward each other.  The fifth statues show a snake-like naga with sword in two hands and body like a snake.  The last two statues are of rearing unicorns with horns pointed toward each other.

The floor of this room is extremely smooth and shiny.  A faint glow makes you think it might be slightly wet or waxy.

But the strangest part of the room is the movement within.  Between the statues, as shown on the map, is a rounded gutter two feet deep and four feet wide.  In each gutter, a four foot diameter perfectly rounded stone ball rolls back and forth from one side of the room, up a slight ramp, and then it is pushed back into the gutter to roll to the other side and repeat.

The five foot section of floor on either side of the gutter moves in the direction shown by the arrows.  Five feet one way, then back to the original position.  Each movement (which obviously makes the statues move as well) is coordinated exactly with the round stones being pushed at the top of the ramps.  It takes about 6 seconds (one round) for each of the stones to roll from one side of the room to the other and up the ramp, about 12 seconds to make the complete revolution.

Obviously, it will be a bit of a challenge to cross as the statues move, especially without being pierced by the statues' many sharp points, and the couple of seconds when the statues are still are the seconds that the ball is passing between them.

[Let me know if you have any questions about the logistics of this.  It was originally done with miniatures and a moveable board I created to work in a similar fashion to the game Robo Rally.]
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Mon 2 Jun 2003
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Re: IC7-27
Doktor Illborn looks in the door at the moving room and statues and says, "I'm dizzy just looking in there.  Looks like the orcs already sprang the trap.  We just have to maneuver our way through it now."