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The party continues forward, climbs down steep steps and walks down a corridor to a set of double doors that are open.  The great bronze doors are nearly ten feet tall.  The aged metal has a blue-green sheen.  The doors' bas relief surfaces depict a gruesome scene of people being devoured by dragons, giants, demons, gargantuan serpeants, and other horrific monsters.  Courtouches in the middle of each door bear inscriptions.

Kallad translates the Allevian writing for the group:  "Plianonne placates for the peace of this mountain.  Her stone guards the temple.  Do not enter."

The other writing states:  "The one with the second life will take the stone and bring ruin, for the stone is death to all else."

Looking into the chamber beyond the doors, you see a dark chamber with a high, vaulted ceiling.  Patches of masonry show through smooth plaster walls.  The air seems stale.  Ranks of marble statues line the left and right walls in the wider portion of the chamber.

A lattice of heavy wooden beams spans the chamber at the point where the vaulting begins to curve inward, reaching overhead perhaps three or four times the height of a human.  From these beams, four rusty iron cages hang on thick chains.  The cages resemble squat, ugly eggs with curved bars instead of shells.  Skeletal arms and legs hang from inside each one.  Scattered bones litter the floor under the cages.

Some distance away, the chamber widens a bit.  You spot six similar cages in a double row of three, hanging over a pair of bronze doors just like the first pair.  They're ajar, too.  The cages are lit from behind, probably by a pair of torches like those in the treasury room that burn eternally at the level of the cages.  Thanks to the light, you can see that one of the cages has an intact body inside.  It may be your imagination, but you could swear that it just moved...

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Shae Shadowglen
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Sat 9 Aug 2003
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Re: IC7-35
Shae moves to walk beside Kallad and turns her head to whisper fiercely at him.

After she has said her piece, the druid seems to calm slightly as Shanjalae gains her attention and the two sisters talk quietly to one another.
Kallad Shadowglenn
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Mon 11 Aug 2003
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Re: IC7-35
Kallad whispers curtly back to Shae in response.
Sir Floradine
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Re: IC7-35
Floradine noticeably avoids talking to Kallad about his statement or the whispered family dispute.  Instead, he focuses on the room ahead.

He takes his shield and throws it underneath the nearest cage on the left to see if it triggers any kind of trap.  He will also take a cautious step forward, ready to jump back if necessary.
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Mon 11 Aug 2003
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Re: IC7-35
As Floradine's shield lands under the cage, the metal frame drops down like a metal claw, crashing into the ground.  The half-ton iron claw could easily injure or kill someone below.  Then, almost as soon as it hits, the claw closes and lifts twenty feet above the air, taking the shield with it.

When it is done lifting the shield, all ten cages begin rotating, taking the shield back to the northeast corner of the room.  See figure below:

First position of the 10 cages (per previous map) (ignore spacing problems):

A  B  CD
J  I  HG

New position of cages:

H  I  JA
G  F  ED

You see a figure, badly wounded, in the cage (marked G) as it moves closest to you.  After a moment, you recognize the bloody form as Garanon.  He moves weakly and opens his mouth.  "Help me," he says, holding tightly to one of the claws.

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