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Floradine and Shanjalae, Shae and Garanon jump through the portal.  Just as the staff passes through with Garanon, the portal instantly closes, leaving Fire and Rathyl back with the volcano.  You can only imagine their surprise when the portal closes and they are surrounded by a wall of ash and lava with no escape.  You hope their passing was fast and painless.

You fall in a heap on a stone floor.  Around you can be heard the voices of wizards, several of them, chanting different spells.  Then you hear a voice yell, "Wait!"

The party members begin to extract themselves, and you find yourself looking around a circular tower, nearly bare except for wizardly items.  You first see a wizard with an eyepatch.  Gathbael!  He is holding up his hand for the others to stop.  "That is not Bezbathal!" he tells the others.  "Hold your spells."

You see close by another aged wizard.  A pipe hangs from his mouth.  It has been a long time since you have seen the pipesmoking wizard.  He curls his fingers into his hand and the growing light of some magic diminishes and then blinks out.

There is a third wizard you have never seen before.  He is clad in red and green robes.  His beard is shorter than the others, cut closer to his face.  He says, "Nevertheless, Attrivus will find us before long.  We must hurry."

"But look what fate has brought us," the pipesmoking wizard says.  "This cannot be happenstance."

"And how did they get Bezbalath's staff?" Gathbael states with a curious raising of his eyebrow.

"Who are they?" the third wizard asks.

Gathbael smiles in response.  "Surely, you have heard of the Baron's Crusaders, Ashe.  If memory serves me, this is Sir Floradine, and that is Shae Shadowglenn, and this is Garanon, Kanteel's younger brother.  I am afraid I do not know the elven child."

"Garanon I know," Ashe states.  "The others, I hear, destroyed my tower in the Valley of Mist."  The three wizards look at each other and then explode into laughter.

"Welcome," Gathbael states to the group.  "Surely you must desire to tell us your tale and refresh yourselves."
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Tue 2 Dec 2003
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Re: IC8-1
Upon hearing the chanting the druid had rolled herself into a fighting crouch, the dragon maw dagger in hand as she expected trouble.  At the sight of Gathbael's familiar figure and voice she rises to her feet in one fluid, graceful motion, her golden gaze piercing as it moves between the three wizards.

"Tell you our tale?!" Shae repeats incredulously, "Perhaps after you explain where we are, and what was going on here!"

Her eyes move to the red and green robed man, "So you are the man responsible for the building of that monstrosity in the middle of the Valley of Mists. The Tower of Traps that killed my travelling companions!  The same paranoid, power hungry man who encapsulated a red dragon in an attempt to obtain its power and that killed my brother on its escape."

Her voice lowers to almost a catlike growl, "I'm glad you find such amusement at the situation."

Her gaze shifts to include the other two wizards as she says the last.
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Re: IC8-1
Floradine is not amused either.  He stands with his hand on the hilt of his sword waiting for an explanation.
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Re: IC8-1
Gathbael says, "Ah, to be full of youth again."

But the pipe smoking wizard takes a puff on his pipe and says, "The half-elf is right."  He turns to the group.  "We are merely relieved that you are not Bezbathal.  Even our power together would have difficulty matching his.  His staff is the gate between worlds.  The original gate that started it all."

Gathbael looks at Ashe sternly.  "We will not discuss the...unfortunate incident with the dragon."

Ashe says, "Surely, I needed defenses.  If anyone got control of the dragon--"

"But now it is loose," the pipesmoking wizard says.  "Under no one's control."

"Yes," Ashe says, "but--"

"But nothing," Gathbael interrupts.  "You should be thanking this group for saving you...as they saved me once."

Turning to the group, the pipesmoking wizard says, "This is my tower.  That is, until we destroy it tonight to prevent anyone from finding us.  The Gathering draws nigh.  Positions are being taken, the pawns in place.  What place will you have in this conflict?"

"They will bring back the rightful heir to the throne," Gathbael says.
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Tue 2 Dec 2003
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Re: IC8-1
"The rightful heir is dead," Garanon says.  "He was behind us.  I came through the portal first.  I am a fool.  I should not have let either of them out of my reach."  He looks at Shae.  "I am sorry about your brother.  It was my fault he was released from his stasis in the first place.  We tried to keep it a secret...even from him.  I failed you all."