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Thu 8 May 2003
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Maps from the "Eye of the World"
Map of The First few Caverns:

Map of the Lake Room

Map of Alodar's Lair:

Alodar's Ambush site:

Site of First Finding Mutant Orcs:

Slippery floor filled with puddles and porous rock.  Center dips in slightly before rising to eastern exit.

Treasury Room:

Spider and Oracle Room:
Bottom of the pit under the statue riddle (with Oracle throne):

Carvings and writings on walls behind statues.  Same statue as in treasury room on rotating dais.  Dead carrion crawler and mutant orc in center of floor.  Loose tiles in middle of north wall lead down to where the Oracle was located.

Footprints in dust leading east to the fork, then the orcs went to the right and Gillimar to the left.

Hallway on the right hand side of the fork.  Leads to an archway and narrows to a four foot wide hall that goes to an old stone-carved door.

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