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DM - Jeff
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Mon 28 Jul 2008
at 21:26
Vacations / Holidays

         Vacation Schedule

            July - 2012
August - 2012
R = Rath U = Umfrey C = Ciara (busy)

If you are going to spend some time off from the game please post the dates here.

   I will take over your character during that period and try to play them as you would based on how you have played your character so far or notes that you have given me.  I also may slow the pace of the game down to the minimum number of posts per week (about 2) depending on what is going on in the game at that time.

   If you are able (or willing) to check up on the game while you are away and don't have time to post in character you can give me a few brief notes for me to use for your character.

   At times when half or more of the party is away (major holidays) I'll most likely put the game on hold until most everyone is available again.

   When I am on vacation I may or may not be able to post, I'll let you know.  I'm usually able to check in 1 or 2 times per week at minimum, if internet is available.  Though depending on what is going on in the game I may not have time to post to my usual standards.

From time to time I'll prune out the posts in this thread to keep the top post from being bumped to another page.

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Ciara Tavares
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Tue 31 Jul 2012
at 16:51
Re: Vacations / Holidays
I'm very busy at the moment and will be until about mid of August.
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Wed 1 Aug 2012
at 18:53
Re: Vacations / Holidays
Iím off work for the next two weeks. Iím planning on spending some times with the boys, some camping and visiting parents etc so my posting will be erratic. So there may be a few days between posts. Thanks for bearing with me. Things will be back to normal by the 13th of August although Iím going to Summerfest on the 23rd for 5 days of LARP action so there will be a few more days absence then.
DM - Jeff
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Tue 7 Aug 2012
at 23:07
Re: Vacations / Holidays
Thanks for the updates, I updated the calendar.