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Adventure Journal
This thread is now solely dedicated to the Adventure Journal.  A log of the Parties progress.

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Adventure Journal
25th of Uktar - [Mid Afternoon]

    The party is traveling with a caravan west along the Moonsea Ride, just hours away from Dolganswash outpost which will be the last bit of civilization until they cross through Tilver's Gap and into Cormyr.  Three Purple Dragon soldiers had joined along with the caravan a few days prior.

    A few hours before sundown Sigismund is getting acquainted with the leader of the three Purple Dragons, Arnen, when a man-sized bat-wing creature flies overhead struggling with a small creature.  The creature drops, screaming the entire way down until it hits the branch of a tree breaking it off and the two continue on to the ground.  The party investigates.  It is a young goblin, it is dead.  The fall and collision with the branch most likely broke its back.  A bit of confusion ensues.  Ciara, Rath and Arnen scan the skies with bows and crossbows at ready while Carlo, Durl, Sigismund and Mikale (one of the other Purple Dragons) investigate the goblin.  There appears to be no further sign of threat and nothing can be done for the goblin, Carlo administers a prayer for the wretched creature and covers it with leaves.

    As the caravan starts to move on a terrible clanking noise eminates from the gnome, Brimzanzle's, wagon.  His wagon is a heavily mechanized device drawn by a team of four horses, know to be unreliable.  The horses charge, nearly trampling Davice, one of the Purple Dragon soldiers.  Brimzanzle gets the wagon under control and brings it to a stop, quickly accusing the Purple Dragons, and Davice in particular for sabotaging his wagon.  During an argument where Brimzanzle promises to show proof of the sabotage he accidently pulls a lever sending spurs into the horses.  The horses charge out of control on a collision course with the mess wagon.  Sigismund, on his horse Jisk, acts quickly and rushes the charging horses knocking them slightly off their coarse.  Instead of hitting the mess wagon head-on only one of the horses hits the corner of it, breaking a wheel in the process.  Brimzanzles wagon continues on into a ditch and topples over.

    Durl and Carlo quickly come to the aid of Brimzanzles horse which is in bad condition.  The others locate Brimzanzle as the previous argument continues.  Donuvan, the caravan master, interrupts and decides that the damaged wagons will stay behind to have repairs done and meet up with the rest of the caravan at Dolganswash Outpost the following morning.  Much to Brimzanzles dismay Donuvan allows the Purple Dragon soldiers to stay behind as guards since no proof was shown of their involvement with the accident and they want to reclaim their honor.  The party stays behind as guards, as well as the driver of the mess wagon, Emmet.


    After the caravan leaves, the group pulls the wagon from the ditch and sets up camp.  As things are settling down a traveler on the road stops by looking for a warm place to spend the night.  His name is Umfrey, a road worn shield dwarf, and he seems to recognize Durl.  It ends up Durl and Umfrey are old acquaintances, Umfrey is welcomed to the group.

    Discussions of watch come up.  Arnen, the leader of the three Purple Dragon Soldiers, suggests that Davice and Mikale share a watch but Sigismund thinks it best to split them up so they do.


   First watch goes smoothly, though Davice seems to get fed up with the dead goblin laying just outside of camp and carries him off, returning in about 15 mins.

   Second watch is Arnen and Durl.  Durl hears something southeast of camp and goes to investigate, he thinks he sees something and goes to blow the alarm whistle he carries with him.  Arnen had already awoke Davice and Mikale and Davice tries to grab the whistle from Durl but fails.  As the camp awakens a crossbow is fired and hits near Davice who seems a bit surprised by it, the bolt is followed by a few volleys of javelins.  Goblins have ambushed the camp.

   A chaotic battle unfolds with several turns of events.  Everyone dodges for cover and prepares for melee.  Arnen orders Mikale to douse the campfire and he does so. The goblins rush into camp and the first wave is quickly dispersed.  Umfrey injures a goblin shaman on the road who then casts a spell enveloping Brimzanzles wagon and part of the road in a heavy mist.  Most of the remaining goblins retreat into the mist.

   Durl charges at the shaman whom he spots at the edge of the mist, before he takes her down but not before fire shoots from her hands scalding him and setting fire to the mess wagon.

   Arnen and Mikale are trading blows with the goblin leader when Davice disappears into the mist and apparently pushes Brimzanzle from his wagon.

   The goblins subdue Brimzanzle taking him hostage.  Durl offers up a trade, the injured/dying shaman for Brimzanzle while Davice, still unseen, takes for the road telling his Purple Dragon comrades they should do the same.  Arnen grabs a horse from the corral and Mikale grabs his backpack before running, but not before Carlo casts light on Mikales trousers.

    Sigismund and Rath round the mist mount horses and head out just behind the Dragons with Rath trailing behind slightly.

    A trio of goblins, including the leader, emerge from the mist with Brimzanzle a forth goblin waits by the shaman.  The leader proposes that one goblin will carry the shaman away and when he is safe they will leave Brimzanzle.  It is agreed and the trade begins.  The goblins hold true to their word, they carry the shaman off and leave Brimzanzle behind.  All appears to be settling down in camp when Carlo discovers a goblin hiding out in Sigismunds tent.  Blow are traded and the goblin is subdued.  It appears that he tried to drag off a wounded member of the tribe and hid there.

   The goblin is questioned, he reveals that they attacked because a creature they call the "Bat Beast" kidnapped one of their younglings and led them here.  They witnessed a man carry something away from camp and dump it in the woods and talked to the bat beast.  The thing that was dumped in the woods ended up being their yougling.  They came to the conclusion that the caravan members had something to do with his abduction and death and ambushed them in the night as payback.  He doesn't have much else to offer in explanation and is set free after promising not to return.

   Rath had returned while the goblin was being subdued, Mikale had slipped away from him, but Sigismund had still not returned.  Him and Carlo set out to look for Sigismund on the road.


   Sigismund chased Arnen on horseback and was at the advantage, his superior horsemanship and trusted mount, Jisk, were gaining on the false Purple Dragon soldier upon his stolen mount.  As he came into view of Arnen on the dark night he heard the beating of wings above him.  A man-sized bat-winged creature swooped down from the sky, passed the riders and landed on the side of the road ahead.  Sigismund ignored the creature and tried to pull Arnen off his mount, falling off of Jisk in the process.  The bat-winged creature spoke a few gentile words and Sigismund lost consciousness.

   He awoke with Mikale's hand on his throat, though it appeared that Mikale was simply checking to see if the paladin was alive.  With reluctance, fighting the urge to move on, Mikale sensed the compassion in Sigismund and opened up to him telling how they needed the plans for some device locked away in Brimzanzles chest, to free his brother "Neddy" from some sort of curse or possession.  Both his brothers, Davice and Neddy, had been gone for some time and returned with Arnen.  He explains Neddy as being pale, like a ghost, most times he just stares into nothingness and has no emotion, other times he comes alive, but he's not himself like he is a puppet.  The thing inside Neddy tried to purchase the plans from Brimzanzle but the gnome wouldn't sell them.

   He also describes the bat-winged creature calling her a foul half-breed... among other things.  He says she goes by the name Kaylee, has eyes like a demon and is wicked straight through.  She appears to take orders from Neddy, or the thing that possess him.

   He believes that if they can get the item that Neddy wants from Brimzanzles chest he will be returned to normal.


   Rath and Carlo approach as Sigismund is talking to Mikale.  They are heard and Sigismund lets Mikale leave.   He promises to leave sign on the road, to help return Brimzanzles chest after they get what they need.

   The three men return to camp.


   Brimzanzle returns to consciousness as the three men return.  Stories are traded and Brimzanzle tells of his chest and the plans they are after, something he translates as "The Soul Sphere".  (see the Significant Items post for descriptions of these items)

   Brimzanzle begs the group for aid in recovering the chest and they agree to do so.

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Re: Adventure Journal
26th of Uktar - [Morning]

    The party awakes and Carlo tells of a vision he experienced featuring the clockwork device known as "The Soul Sphere" and that it held Azoun, king of Cormyr, in it's thrall.  He claims the entire group were present in the dream and they are destined to deal with this threat.

    They set out for Dolganswash, on the road they find four sets of horse tracks leading in from the woods heading the same direction they are, it is speculated that these tracks are from the Three false Purple Dragon soldiers and perhaps "Neddy".


    The group arrives at Dolganswash Outpost and are greated by Kastus, the rest of the caravan has already moved on and they are expected to finish up repairs, restock and head out in a couple hours to join back up with the caravan on the trail.

    There is a small Purple Dragon garrison located here but most of the men are off hunting down a group of Orcs that have been keeping Tilver's Gap closed to caravan traffic.  One man, Aaron, made it through the pass.  He is badly injured and claims he tried to make it through the pass with his family and was ambushed by a large number of Orcs upwards of 50 of them.  His family was killed and he barely made it out alive.  There is some speculation among the group that his claims aren't genuine, that it is a ploy to lure away the guards from the outpost but his wounds seem real enough.

    Brimzanzle and Sigismund leave a report with the Purple Dragons about the theft of the chest and Sigismund returns some of the stolen Purple Dragon's gear after a confrontation with Durl who tried to keep the tabards for future use.

    The party gets a few hours down time, a decent meal and a few drinks and heads out accompanied by three real Purple Dragon soldiers on horseback.

    As they are leaving a couple other wagons approach.  The lead wagon is completely paneled in wood painted dark with gold trim.  Several gaurds on horseback accompany it.  A robed dwarf sits in the driver seat.  Carlo wants to stay and talk to the newcomers but Umfrey, with an open look of fear, urges the party to continue on and they do.

   The other wagons enter the outpost as the party leaves them behind and they enter the pass.


   A rather uneventful voyage is rewarded with the reunion of the fractured caravan.

   The group gathers around the fire eating an evening meal and Umfrey explains his reaction to the dwarf in the wagon.  He is Savaric, a powerful Necromancer that the shameful Umfrey used to work for.  It is speculated that this is no coincidence, that Savaric must also be involved with the Soul Sphere in some way and that he could perhaps lead them to Brimzanzles chest, or that they must beat him to it.

   Relieved of their guard duties they retire for the night.

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Re: Adventure Journal
27th of Uktar - [Morning]

    Rath tells the group of a mining camp past the border outpost in Cormyr, 'somebody recruiting muscle, something big'.  He says a few of the new guards that joined on at Dolganswash are planning to break off somewhere past the outpost.

    The caravan encounters the scene of Aaron's caravan, the man they encountered at the Inn in Dolganswash.  It is much as he described, there are remnants of burnt wagons and a few shallow graves.  They pass by quickly and respectfully.


    The distant sound of thunderous hooves is heard by some of the group at the rear of the caravan.  They climb a rise to see a unit of Purple Dragon Calvary chasing two Orcs on horseback, and odd sight.  They quickly surmise that it is a trap, the orcs are leading the soldiers into a box canyon.  Umfrey creates and illusion to warn them and it works.  Most of the soldiers avoid being surrounded by orcs that burst from the trees surrounding the canyon.  There are more than fifty orcs to fourteen soldiers.  A bloody battle ensues and the party gets involved, holding the hill.  Most of the soldiers are badly wounded but the orcs are defeated and only two of the soldiers lie dead.

    The commander is thankful of their help and expresses concern about the skill and organization of the orcs, but has no explanation of their origin.

    Hansen, the Purple Dragon soldier that escorted the group from Dolganswash, arrives at the scene of the battle just as it is finishing.  He has found another note from Mikale, this time in the form of a map indicating some ruins.  The ruins appear to be near a branch in the road about 10 miles after the Cormyr border outpost.


    Sigismund suggests that the ruins may be on the way to the mining camp that Rath mentioned, most seem to agree that they are worth checking out.  Hansen described them as a meeting place for bandits and smugglers but that otherwise, there was nothing there of interest.