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Known NPCs and Factions/Groups
The following threads outline the known NPCs and Factions/Groups.  It is solely based on what the characters in the party know or observe, it is not necessarily the truth.  This information will be updated as the story progresses.

The first post is for NPCs, the second for Factions and Groups.

Whenever another NPC or Faction is mentioned in another discription it will be colored and underlined.
  • NPC Name
  • Faction/Group Name

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Arnen / Arnendur Calvinsune
Race/GenderHuman Male
AgeEarly to mid 20's
ClassUnknown - Decent fighting skills
RegionCormyr (Arabel)
Known AlliesDavice, Mikale
Looks5'10" 167 lbs. Medium length black hair with an unkempt but short beard. Blue Eyes.
On first impression his looks are quite unimpressive but one could see that he could be quite handsome if cleaned up.
ArmorChain Shirt w/Steel Helm, Heavy Wood Shield
WeaponsLongsword, Dagger, Light Crossbow
NotesArnen is one of the Three Purple Dragon Soldiers.  The taller of the three, he also seems to be the one in charge and voices most of what the Dragons have to say.
In order to "reclaim their honor" Arnen volunteered the Dragons to stay behind and keep watch with the damaged wagons.
That night the camp was ambushed by goblins, Arnen helped fight but when Davice fled Arnen stole one of the horses and started to ride off apologizing to the group as he left camp.
Sigismund chased Arnen on horseback disregarding Arnen's urges for him to "Go back while you still can!"
Sigismund attempted to dismount Arnen but failed resulting in him tumbling off his horse.  The bat-winged Kaylee was present and spoke a few intangible words and Sigismund fell unconscious.
"Stop!  Don't hurt him!"  Arnen called out.  That is the last we have seen of him.

Race/GenderGnome Male
Known Allies
LooksAn average sized gnome with graying hair, a bit on the plump side but in a healthy way. He wears bright clothing and gaudy jewelry with rings on most of his fingers.
NotesBrimzanzle, a paying member of Donuvan's Caravan, is a merchant of sorts. He apparently deals in trinkets, oddities and small mechanisms, some of which he claims are of his own design, though you haven't really seen many of his goods. His wagon is quite unique, instead of controlling his team of 4 horses with the conventional set of reigns he uses a metal contraption with wheels and levers. Though it looks impressive, it appears to hinder him more than it helps.

Race/GenderHuman Male
AgeEarly 20's
RegionUnknown, rural Daleland accent
Known AlliesArnen, Mikale
Looks5'6" 150 lbs. Lightly tousled dirty brown hair
ArmorStudded Leather
WeaponsRapier, Shortbow
NotesBrother to Mikale.  Davice is one of the Three Purple Dragon Soldiers. He appears to be a scout, lightly armed and armored.  Before the fight with the goblins he only showed mild signs of insubordinate behavior to Arnen.
During the encounter with the goblins Davice appears to have climbed up on Brimzanzles wagon, pushed him off and possibly taken something.  He told the other Dragons "I've got it, let's go." as his voice trailed away from camp, westward along the road.

It is now presumed that he stole Brimzanzles Chest, containing the plans to the Soul Sphere.

Race/GenderHalfling Male
AlignmentUnknown... is hardass an alignment?
Known AlliesGrithrack, Kastus
Looks3'4" with a full figure for a halfling. Usually dressed in comfortable travelling clothes.
NotesDonuvan is a brash halfling that doesn't take any gruff from anybody. He is the master of Donuvan's Caravan which he runs with a strict hand. Any situation that he cannot handle is likely to be backed up by his two personal guards Grithrack and Kastus.  Grithrack is never far from him.

Race/GenderHuman Male
Known Allies
Looks5'6" With a strong build.
NotesEmmet is the driver of the mess wagon.  He stayed with the party the night of the Goblin Ambush, his job to tend to the horses and repair the wagons.

Race/GenderHalf-Orc Male
AgeYoung Adult
ClassMost likely Barbarian
Known AlliesDonuvan, Kastus
LooksA towering 6'7", tall by any standard, and built like a mountain. Grithrack wears a shoddy looking breastplate and generally carries his double-axe in hand at all times.
NotesGrithrack is rarely seen more than a few yards from Donuvan, and demonstrates a puppy like affection for the small halfling.

Race/GenderHuman? Male
ClassUnknown... Cook
Known Allies
LooksHeavy-set and short, it's not quite evident if he is a tall dwarf or a short human.
NotesServes as the main cook for Donuvan's Caravan.

Race/GenderHalf-Elf Male
ClassCleric of Lurue
Known AlliesDonuvan
LooksAn average height half-elf with a rounding belly covered by plain robes.
NotesHe is the healer for Donuvan's Caravan, though he usually stays out of sight, lounging in one of Donuvan's wagons. Jesmond is know to hit the bottle, and most likely dips in on Donuvan's personal supply of wine.

Race/GenderHuman Male
AgeMid to Late 20's
Known AlliesDonuvan, Grithrack
Looks5'10" Muscular but lean. Black hair cut short with a well trimmed beard and mustache. His chain shirt is well kept and the longsword resting in his scabbard always looks freshly oiled.
ArmorChain Shirt
WeaponsLongsword, Longbow
NotesKastus is not only one of Donuvan's personal guards he is Donuvan's right hand man. Though he always does as asked, he often seems as if he has his own agenda.

Kastus rode ahead of the caravan a short while before the goblin was dropped from the sky.  He went to secure the arrival of the caravan at Dolganswash outpost and was the only caravan member present when the party arrived there the next day.  He payed the group their wages and oversaw the final repairs on the wagons before accompanying the group when they joined back up with the caravan the night after Dolganswash.

Race/GenderHuman Male
AgeEarly 20's
RegionUnknown, rural Daleland accent
Known AlliesArnen, Davice
Looks5'8" 190 lbs.  Dark hair w/beard and mustache.  Muscular build.
ArmorBreastplate, Heavy Wood Shield
WeaponsLongsword, Light Crossbow
NotesBrother to Davice.  Mikale is one of the Three Purple Dragon Soldiers. The quietest of the three.  He went with some of the party to investigate the young goblin that was dropped from the sky.
During the fight with the goblins he stood by Arnen's side and fought.  When Davice fled he seemed a bit torn, he went into camp to grab his backpack then fled and was chased down by Rath.  They had a short tussle which left Rath on his back in the leaves and he ran off.

Later that night he came across the unconscious Sigismund just as he was coming to.  With reluctance, fighting the urge to move on, Mikale sensed the compassion in Sigismund and opened up to him telling how they needed the plans for some device locked away in Brimzanzles chest, to free his brother "Neddy" from some sort of curse or possession.  Both his brothers, Davice and Neddy, had been gone for some time and returned with Arnen.  He explains Neddy as being pale, like a ghost, most times he just stares into nothingness and has no emotion, other times he comes alive, but he's not himself like he is a puppet.  The thing inside Neddy tried to purchase the plans from Brimzanzle but the gnome wouldn't sell them.

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Factions / Groups
Three Purple Dragon Soldiers
MembersArnen, Davice and Mikale
NotesThe Purple Dragon Soldiers joined Donuvan's Caravan on the 23rd of Uktar (about 2 days before our story began).  They had been walking along with the caravan towards it's rear, where most of the party are stationed as well. It's unclear if they are part of the caravan or if they are following along out of convenience.  They had mostly kept to themselves until the incident with the young goblin being dropped from the sky.
When Brimzanzles wagon went out of control and crashed into the mess wagon he accused the Dragons (Davice in particular) of sabotage.  In order to reclaim their honor, Arnen offered to have the Dragons guard the damaged wagons for the night.  During the night goblins ambushed the camp, Arnen and Mikale helped fight but Davice apparently climbed into Brimzanzles wagon and took something.  At Davice's suggestion, all three started to flee to the west along the road though Davice was not spotted.

Donuvan's Caravan
MembersDonuvan, Grithrack, Kastus, Gunther and most everyone at this point.
NotesDonuvan's Caravan has traveled throughout the Moonsea area and the Dalelands. After Tilverton it will be moving on to Arabel, Suzail and finally Marsember where he most likely has a ship waiting for him to take his goods to further lands. Donuvan keeps his five wagons at the head of the caravan and rides on the second from the front most of the time. It's obvious that he has posted the more seasoned guards up front as well.
The party is currently traveling with the caravan, the current location a few hours east of Dolganswash Outpost on the edge of Tilver's Gap.
After the collision of Brimzanzles wagon with the mess wagon Donuvan decided to split the caravan leaving the two damaged wagons behind.  The plan was for them to make only the repairs necessary for them to get back on the road and meet them at Dolganswash outpost the next morning.

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Significant Items
Brimzanzle's Chest
Last known locationStolen by Davice
NotesIt is a magical chest similar to a bag of holding but much more advanced.  There are hundreds of tiny pigeonholes inside, most no larger than a finger. Insert the tip of a finger and the compartment stretches to full size.  According to Brimzanzle it contains the plans and documents of generations of works designed by his family dating back to his great great grandfather, Venoddo Endercutty, the original creator of the chest.  It also contains the plans to the device known as the Soul Sphere.
Brimzanzle claims the chest is magically sealed and it would be extremely difficult for anyone to open it that does not know the proper procedure.
As far as we know the chest has not been opened yet.

The Soul Sphere
Last known locationAccording to Brimzanzles family legend it was destroyed hundreds of years ago by it's creator Venoddo "The Wondermaker" Endercutty.
The plans for this device are located in Brimzanles Chest (see above)
NotesThe only details know about the Soul Sphere are from Brimzanzles recollections and a vision that Carlo experienced.

Brimzanzle describes it as a smoky orb five feet across set inside a series of brass rings with gems pointing inward, toward the orb. He isn't quite sure what it does, he knows it is dangerous and has something to do with souls.  He says it was built for use in a prison... something about keeping the prisoners in line.

In Carlo's vision he experienced a smoky visage filled with ghostly forms, some more clear than others, they look lost and confused.  Most of the faces are unfamiliar but one stands out... the face of King Azoun, king of Cormyr.  The vision pulls away, Azoun's face encased in an Orb of smoke surrounded by a clockwork device of brass rings.