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Thu 20 Nov 2008
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Story Achievements
The following posts are what I am calling "Story Achievements".  When you unlock enough information about something I will add a bit of back story about it here if I have written one.  These are things that will typically happen outside of the players knowledge and may contain slight spoilers.  I won't reveal anything too important in here and will try to keep certain details vague.

If you don't like this sort of thing, please read no further.  If you do, please enjoy :D

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DM - Jeff
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Thu 20 Nov 2008
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Catching bait
    She sat perched high in an evergreen tree waiting, her cloak wrapped around her for warmth and concealment.  It was about mid-morning on the 25th of Uktar as the caravan started to come into view.  Quietly she sat... patiently.

    The wagons slowly lumbered along.

    How tedious.  She thought.

    With any luck there would be no sign of the three men, but she knew better than to put her faith in luck.  If they could depend on luck that damnable contraption that gnome called a wagon would have broken down days ago.  If only she could just take what her master wanted herself, all this waiting would be over by now.  But no, we can't take any chances, we don't want to draw any attention, let the humans deal with this.

    The caravan continues to pass, the three men still mulling about the gnome's wagon as she expected, their job obviously incomplete.  She'll have to intervene as usual, but she had planned for this.

    She continues her wait until the caravan is out of sight.  With a cats grace she springs from the branch and into the air.  Bat wings unfold from under her cloak, she glides between the trees, tucking them in and weaving back and forth until she reaches the clearing of the road, a few beats and she is aloft, above the trees.

    Up into the foothills she flies where she had spotted a tribe of goblins the day before.  They yell curses up at her, the pathetic little things.  She circles several times then sees exactly what she is looking for.  Two young goblins separated from the tribe, must have been off playing and exploring.

    Probably torturing a squirrel.  She thought in delight.

    Down she swoops, diving straight for one of the little ones.  She flares just at the last moment and gracefully lands on her feet right in front of it.  It is frozen in terror.  The other one runs off crying and screaming.  She can hear the tribe advancing behind her but they won't make it in time.

    "Hello there little one."  She says in an utterly charming calm voice.  "Not to worry, we are going for a little ride."

    Tears are streaming down it's ugly little face as it trembles.

    "Beddie-bye little one."  She says as she flicks a fine bit of sand at it.

    As it collapses she scoops it into her arms then beats hard with her wings.  The cries of the tribe grow closer and a few javelins fall quite short from reaching her.  She climbs out of their reach and hovers, dangling her prize out for them to see.  She lets out a gleeful sardonic laugh, she hasn't had this much fun in weeks.

    The tribe is utterly furious, they toss their javelins and wave their weapons in vain.

    Even for it's small size this creature is quite heavy, it takes all her strength just to hover for a few moments.  Satisfied she lunges forward, turns and swoops into a glide just above the treetops.

    That's better.

    She flies northward, toward the road.