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DM - Jeff
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Sun 29 Mar 2009
at 22:18
Party Inventory
Here is where we will maintain the Party Inventory.  Items that no one has claimed but the group has kept.

So far Durl's player has done a great job sorting out the loot and his character is holding on to the party inventory so I'm creating a post under his name so he and I can maintain it.

I'll always create a Loot thread that is tied to the encounter that it was obtained so don't discuss general loot here.  If you want to take from or put something in the party inventory post it in this thread.

This thread will get trimmed from time to time to keep the inventory on the front page.

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Durl Rockfist
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Sun 29 Mar 2009
at 22:19
Re: Party Inventory
Item's stored on Durl's mule
Arnen's Backpack
-Flint & Steel
-Lantern, Bullseye
-oil (pint)(3)
-Rations, trail(3)
Goblin Shaman's Carved Small Quarterstaff*
Necklace with carved teeth and bones*
* These two items (especially the staff) might be of value to a collector of goblin crafts
Ciara Tavares
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Mon 30 Mar 2009
at 05:20
Re: Party Inventory
Items stored in Ciaras backpack
-small drawstring pouch
--Onyx (3)
--pieces of malachite (4)
--blue quartz crystals (2)
--pieces of obsidian (2)
--turquoise (1)
--Antitoxin vials (1)
--Thunderstones (1)
--Smokesticks (1)