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014 = Border Outpost =
29th of Uktar, Year of the Turret - 1360 DR

    It is much easier going than it has been in the days prior, it is mostly a downhill trip.  The temperature has returned to normal and there is no trace of the snow from the day before.


    Excitement churns within the caravan as a structure comes into view.  Ahead on one side of the road is a small stone structure, on the other side is a large building with a tower three stories high.  Four soldiers in familiar purple tabards casually walk into the center of the road and wait for the head of the caravan to approach.

   The soldiers meet with Kastus and Donuvan, the half-orc Grithrack is nearby as usual.

   A large sign is posted near the road's edge, it reads:
      Laws of Cormyr

      1. All persons entering Cormyr must register with the officials
         of a boarder garrison.
      2. Foreign currency can only be used in certain locations.
         Please exchange your coins for Cormyrean golden lions at your
         first opportunity
      3. Adventurers must acquire a charter before undertaking any
         operation as a group.
      4. All weapons must be peace-bonded.  The only persons exempt
         from this law are members of chartered adventuring groups and
         members of mercenary groups that can offer proof of employment.
      5. Harming cats is forbidden.
      6. Bow your head to royalty and the local nobility.
      7. Purple Dragons have the right to search you upon request.
      8. Hunting on private land is forbidden.

   There is nodding of heads among the soldiers and the caravan master and the caravan is allowed to approach closer.  On the second floor of the tower, a man sits by an open window and seems to be enjoying some fresh air.  He looks down at the caravan members and waves.  Casually resting in his other hand is a wand.

   Kastus rides down the line informing everyone that they must sign in at the outpost, they have already provided everyones names as they were given when signing on with the caravan and the mercenary group underneath Donuvans name.

   As everyone is getting into line Hansen approaches.  He had ridden off with his men the morning after the battle with the orcs.

   "You made good time."  Hansen says to the group.  "I've pulled a few strings for you.  Brimzanzle had told me that you were going to be separating from the caravan.  Normally you would need to get a charter and those cannot be granted at a border station, but since Brimzanzle is a merchant he can hire you on as a mercenary group to protect his goods.  I've told Swordcaptain Stoan how you helped with the orc battle and he was more than happy to oblige."
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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =

Umfrey had welcomed the offer of sharing Durl’s tent the night before. He had then quickly squeezed into the tent after Durl.

The snowfall in the early morning rather than be the mark of a bad day was greeted with good humour by Umfrey. For the dwarf born from the Gelena Mountains a flurry of snowfall was a welcome reminder of a home he believed he would never get to see again. He brightly agreed with Ciara ”aye tis a blessing”.

The rest of the morning with the gruelling march and the overhanging gloom of their quest was greeted with less enthusiasm as Umfrey walked with his head bowed and occupied with his own personal thoughts.

At the sight of the border outpost Umfrey looked up. This was just the sort of place he’d normally avoid. There was a moment of indecision when the dwarf almost ran until he realised he had respectable employment with the caravan. When he had calmed down he took advantage of the rest. The dwarf didn’t rush to join the line but stood idle as he watched the others go first. When Hansen approached Umfrey gave him a nod of acknowledgement. At the mention of becoming an official mercenary group Umfrey appraised his companions ”well there’s no turning back now” he commented.
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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =
Durl crossed his arms as he read the large signpost. He gave a low hrumph as he read each line to himself.

When he heard that the group was going to be recognized as a mercenary group hired by Brimzanzle, he gave a nod. He glanced at Sigismund and was glad that they didn't get an offical charter. The two of them had differing opinions.

Durl spat on the ground as he thought that Sigismund might have wanted to lead the charter. It was a good thing that Brimzanzle hired him instead.

"Ye gots a tavern close by?" The dwarf wasn't sure if a tavern would be found at a border station, but it didn't help to ask.
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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =
    Hansen laugh quite generously at Durl's inquiry of a tavern.  "Nay, none such until about half way to Tilverton.  The country between here and the Storm Horns is still quite wild."

    Sigismund takes the opportunity to present the paperwork he was put in charge of, seeking out Swordcaptain Stoan.  Carlo also follows along.

    Rath stays as far from the soldiers as he can but gets in line to sign his name just as everyone else has.  The line moves fast and the soldiers do not question a single member of the caravan.  Passing from territory to territory there is no set standard for identification papers, the signing of names seems almost pointless as one could have made up any name they like as long as it matched the one used to sign on to the caravan.  The one purpose it does serve is to ensure that all members of the traveling company are at least present at the border crossing.  When folks go missing it will arouse suspicion at the next station, likely in Tilverton.  Brimzanzles company will be excluded, the paperwork will show who accompanied him when they split from the caravan.

   Brimzanzle has pulled Kastus off to the side.  He is most likely making arraingments for the companies departure from the caravan.  Kastus is generally more easy to deal with than Donuvan.  Besides, the halfling has pretty much had his fill with Brimzanzle.  At least the gnomes contraption of a wagon hasn't been a problem since most of its mechanisms were bypassed.  It is still a cumbersome beast, it must weigh twice as much as the other wagons, and granted, when it was operating properly it seemed easier to handle than most lighter wagons but the constant maintenance it required was quite ludicrous.


    "We've reported most of what we've gathered so far."  Sigismund says upon returning.  "Also, it seems that there is more orc activity.  There are rumors of an even larger band of organized orcs in the hills north of here, they've been keeping the Purple Dragons busy.  The orcs shouldn't be a problem for us as long as we stay south of the Ride1 , though Stoan admitted that their patrols in that direction have been in lack of late, there may be other dangers to watch for."

    Rath looks around nervously and a bit annoyed at Sigismunds volume, he grimaces and rubs the back of his neck.  When he does speak he says so quietly and quickly  "Don't speak of our departure.  Not until later... need privacy."  He looks around again and places some distance between himself and the group.

    Sigismund nods, it is obvious that he doesn't know what Rath is up to but his previous experience with the man has given him trust and he allows Rath his antics.

    It is not a secret that Brimzanzle plans on leaving the caravan and that some of the group will be accompanying him as gaurds, though surprisingly few know the details of the situation.  They know something of import was stolen from him and he seeks to reclaim it, but little else.  Most have all but forgotten the incident with Arnen, Davice and Mikale.

1 Sigismund is referring to the Moonsea Ride, the main road through Tilver's Gap to Tilverton and beyond.  This is the road the caravan has been traveling on.

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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =
At Hansen’s response to Durl’s enquiry Umfrey let out a soft hrumph ”finding the next tavern is good enough reason to get back on the road then I suppose” as he commented as he continued down the line of people and signed his name.

Once Sigismund returned and spoke of more orcs the dwarf spat on the ground ”damned creatures, every hills infested with ‘em” Umfrey spoke angrily. At the talk of their departure from the caravan Umfrey lowered his voice, ”can’t be far from dem ruins, we could leave the caravan under the cover of nightfall. Durl could easily lead us through the darkness” with a critical eye Umfrey peered down at Brimzanzle ”ye planning on bringing that contraption of a caravan with ye? It might be worth hiding it somewhere afore we investigate the ruins; we don’t want to get the wrong sort of attention off ‘em bandits”

OOC Is the caravan continuing further on today? Will the caravan camp before we reach the turn off for the ruins or go past it before stopping to make camp?
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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =
    "Oh no."  Brimzanzle responds to Umfrey.  "I've made arrangements for Emmet to store it in Tilverton for me along with my goods."

    "Rath is getting more twitchy than usual."  Ciara says looking over to the man who has wandered out of earshot.  "He was talking to one of those new guards the other night, if they are going to make their move it will be tonight.  Rath seems to have an instinct about them being connected to this and his instincts on this sort of thing are pretty good."  She looks at him again and her eyes show a little bit of concern.  "He used to run with their sort you know."

    "Those days are over."  Sigismund says.  "He is loyal, he will do the right thing."

    "It would be quite a Coincidence."  Carlo chimes in.  "Them planning to leave at the same time we are.  I know Rath has a part in this, I've seen it in my vision, he will not lead us astray."

    "Shhh." Ciara hushes quietly and gently indicates a direction with a nod of her head.  One of the new guards is approaching near, he is a bit more cleaned up than the first day he was seen, he was utterly filthy then and the fading black eye he had is nearly completely healed now.  He gets closer, trying to act like he is not paying attention to the group but then sees Ciara's eyes fall upon him.  He blushes, backs away, bumps into someone nearly falls then walks off.

Ciara is referring to what Rath talked about in Thread 011 = Tilver's Gap Part 2 =  msg's #16,#19

Yes, the caravan will be continuing.  It should make an estimated 6-8 more miles yet today which would put it 4-2 miles from the turnoff by nightfall.

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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =

”Good” Unfrey offered his accord with Brimzanzle’s plans to leave his wagon. It would mean the few of them would travel much quicker when they broke away from the caravan ”I’d hazard a guess that Rath’s new friends plan to visit the ruins too” the dwarf spoke quickly before he was cut off by Ciara’s warning that someone was approaching.

When it seemed safe to talk again Umfrey spoke ”do we try to reach the ruins tonight or wait until first light? If we wait the others if they are going that way may get their before us” the small dwarf as was his want when thinking stroked his coppery beard as he talked.
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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =
"I'd says that we leave tonight." Durl offered his suggestion in light that the matter was urgent.

"And we'll stop a few miles from the ruins and make a quick camp. That'll give us time to rest at daylight."
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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =
”Then we leave tonight and camp near the ruins” the dwarf agreed with his cousin. If they did not camp with the rest of the caravan Umfrey would miss the opportunity to enjoy another evening by the fire and smoke some more of the gnomish pipe-weed but he hoped that if they succeeded in returning Brimzanzle his chest they would be rewarded handsomely. Then just maybe Umfrey could find some somewhere he could relax and smoke every evening.
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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =
    "Yeah, we might have to talk about that."  Rath says, returning just in time to here Umfrey.  "Looks like we are moving again."

    Brimzanzles returns with a bundle of papers.  "I'm suprised there is a forest left in this land with the amount of paperwork that transpires here." He says exasperated.  "At least all is in order."

    The caravan moves on and the border outpost is left behind.
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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =
    Rath waits until the caravan is going around a bend, with the front of it out of view, then gets the attention of the group.

    "Okay, I probably should have said something earlier, but I didn't want it gettin' around." Rath slows the pace a little bit allowing the caravan to slip forward.  "I know one of those new guards.  He was part of a group of thugs that Sigismund and Ciara helped break up."

    Both Sigismund and Ciara shoot him a glance, but Rath doesn't give them a chance to respond.

   "Yeah, the group I was with... Anyways, like I said before, there is something big going on, some recruiting.  He's getting paid extra for every good man he brings in and they ain't looking for the likes of you Sig."
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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =
   Sigismund shakes his head.  "We should have just told the Purple Dragons about this, they could set up a raid."
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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =
   "Yeah, just like you did to my group?  Look how well that worked out, half the men split before you even got there.  You want to find those men, I think this mining camp they are recruiting at is your best bet, it's got to be a part of this."
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Sun 13 Sep 2009
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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =
   "What of the ruins?  And the map from Mikale?"  Carlo asks.
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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =
   "Sounds like the ruins may be on the way."  Rath says.  "I'm not sayin' we shouldn't check them out, it's just, these guys are leavin' tonight.  Said they might even go before first watch.  Thing is, they gotta know we are leaving as well, I've been trying to put up a show, make them think I'm on the outside of this group.  That's part of the reason I haven't said much til now, but I think I can convince them that Durl and Umfrey could be in on this too.  This guy is seeing gold in his eyes, he's going to a mining camp and sees two dwarves he's thinking he can cash in on.  So there's a few ways we can play this...

    We can split with the caravan tonight, all legit like and I can tell them that me and a few others will meet them at the ruins.  This might seem a bit fishy though.

    Or, I go with them tonight, along with anyone else that thinks they can pull it off and the rest head out a while after we split.  Ciara, Sigismund, you two are pretty much out.  Matz, the guy, he has a thing for you Ciara but he doesn't trust ya either.  Carlo, I don't know, you'd be a pretty hard sell.  Whoever goes, or doesn't, I'll try to lead them to the ruins, and you guys can pick up my trail there."

DM-Jeff OOC: Just in case you got your hopes up, all these posts are from the DM ;)  No one has returned.

Don't feel like you have to follow any course of action Rath is suggesting, feel free to come up with your own plan, or spin on what Rath has suggested.  He'll be available for negotiation ;)

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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =
Umfrey rubbed his beard, Rath’s plan had merit. The dwarf slowly nodded "I think it might work. I’d wager that where ever ‘em bandits is heading is connected to the source of the trouble" Umfrey looked down at his own thread-bare robes "shouldn’t be too much trouble passing as a down ‘n out, best not tell ‘em if we can about me magic fingers" the dwarf wiggled his stumpy and dirty fingers ”always good to have a few surprises ready”.

With a look at his companions Umfrey was not sure if the others would be able to pull off a similar feat "we’ll have to leave a trail for ya to follow" he shrugged apologetically at Ciara and Sigismund.
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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =
"Aye. That be a sound plan." Durl replied.

The dwarf liked the idea of being away from the paladin. Durl still have some hard feelings from his last heated discussion with Sigismund.

"But ye knows that we won't be under the protection of the charters nor be seen as a mercenary group."

The dwarf tighten the belt around the mule. He finished tying off a few loose straps before he looked over the small group. "Donna worry. We'll leave a trail. But donna get too close."
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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =
    Rath scratches the back of his neck.  "We're still lookin' after Brim's interests right?  Besides, the dragons have their orcs to deal with, sounds like they won't be checkin' up on us."
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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =
Umfrey looked up at Rath and across to Durl “danger has been chasing this caravan and all of us fer days, we’ll be taking a greater risk when we go searching for Brim’s chest. It don’t matter if we go with them bandits or without them I say” the dwarf harrumphed and his stamped a foot. He stretched his hands out to grab Durl and Rath, “let’s get introduced before we miss our opportunity”.
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Re: 014 = Border Outpost =
    It is decided to deal with the matter a little later, once a few more miles are put between Dolganswash and the Caravan.

Continued in:
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